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Carefully listening to your brand objectives and crafting them into a thoughtful, effective, and well-seasoned conceptual dish. Bringing the concept to life worldwide with a thorough logistical game plan, artful creative execution, and killer on-set snacking. Summoning compelling advertising work from the ether or complementing and enhancing footage with that new VFX smell.

We live to crush. Unlike many video production companies, we're not content just to take a check and call it a day. We want our clients to be flabbergasted, bamboozled, mouth agape the clutches of awe, and we work towards whatever close approximation of that we can muster. We do also take checks. We're active, thoughtful partners. We will accept the term "vendor" only if we must, though we insist it sells us short.

But we're more than just a video production company. We're thinking about the bigger picture of the brand, we're thinking about your client experience. We're thinking about how to make your lives easier and your videos more impactful.

read more › We're a full-service video and animation agency, deployed around the world at a moment's notice to transform brand and business directives into compelling film work. We're passionate about taking projects from start to finish, or plugging into any aspect of production as needed, for clients of all sizes. Ricardo is the Founder and CEO of Artex Productions and has been the captain steering the ship since the company's inception. He started his career in the industry as an award-winning cinematographer of big-label music videos and feature films, which helped him shape the aesthetic that drives our brand.

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