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Empire Video Productions Florida, Louisville & Southern Indiana will be our primary markets with continued travel across the entire United States. We thank the brands, organizations, sports groups and educational centers for trusting their event with us!. TIMES ARE CHANGING and "forward" looking companies are on the front lines of that change. We began our live streaming journey in 2008 back when the age of live streaming was very young and new.

Who would have known that in 2020, live streaming would be a major player in how we communicate to the world during a pandemic. We were "so sold" on live streaming that we set out on a journey to flip our business from traditional video production to live streaming production. In 2021, 95% of our business is live streaming and we are glad we made the change.

We will bring you a "TV" style live broadcast that can involve multiple cameras, power point slides, music, video, sponsor commercials - all of the elements you see in a live TV style broadcast but at a fraction of the cost.

read more › Founded in 1996, Adrian & Thomas had a vision of taking our passion for videos, our awe of technology and our love of storytelling and combining them into the company that exists today. The technology of video production has evolved a lot since the late 1990's. The tools to create stunning videos are more accessible and the demand for unique videos are growing every year. The passion that brought us together to create Empire Video Productions is the passion that sustains us every year - to create memorable moments in time.

read more › The advent of social media has changed how we approach and deliver messages to our customers & clients. We strongly believe that today's businesses, government agencies and educational centers need a strong and inviting video presence online that is accessible on all media platforms and devices. Video production and live web streaming are tools available for your use - designed to help shape opinion, generate call to action and help sell your product. American Institute of Architects and Metropolitan Community Churches; and 5 Video/Audio conference services for Sonshine Communications, Boden PR Agency, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency, CWAY and the Florida Thread Needle.

read more › Live streaming sports is a demanding endeavor. Camera distances can be far from the video operations center making set-up a challenging situation. Knowing the sport and keeping up with the action is paramount for a successful operation along with having the core staff to produce the graphics, audio and instant replay experience that you come to expect when you watch a sporting event. With more than 42 sports under our belt of all shapes and sizes - let us work with you on your next sporting event.

read more › We are often asked - why video? Pictures are universal when it comes to weddings. If a picture can say a thousand words, a video can invoke a million emotions: a) The sight of the groom seeing the bride for the very first time, b) the longing stares of the wedding couple at their first dance; or c) the proud mother who can't stop crying. Video has the power to capture these times that are real and in the moment. These raw emotions are what makes video such a powerful memory that can be shared with everyone for years to come.

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