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You're a brand, organization, or agency who needs a go-to partner to produce high-quality dynamic video content that reflects positively and professionally on your business, exceeds expectations and provides value for the investment. You need video content that engages, educates, inspires, motivates, and drives results. Video has the power to engage your prospects, shorten sales cycles and to close deals.

With video, you can now delight your customers, educate your employees and inspire target audiences on a regular basis like never before. A dedicated video partner to produce internal and external video content is essential to keep pace with the competition. Have no fear. We're a small agency with big in-house capabilities and strong strategic partners.

With a track record of executing comprehensive initiatives to managing a volume of projects, we balance creative logistics and video strategy while solving complex problems for our clients. Premium content without the premium price tag.

read more › The new world of video needed a new pace of production. With over 12 years under our belts, we can't wait to show you how impactful, fun, and rewarding partnering with New Pace on your next video project can be. Fun Fact: 8 out 10 projects are for repeat customers. New Pace is a premier video partner for agencies and organizations from healthcare to manufacturing, non-profits to higher education. But the real answer depends on who you are, what you do, and how we can help. If it has video as a component, we can show you how to optimize it, from one-time, big budget, hero videos to a series of cost efficient iterations.

read more › The first step in the process of producing a great video is all about planning and setting the expectations. In this phase, you need to do the planning, research, problem-solving, and organization necessary to set your video project up to be successful. After the production phase is completed, the post-production teams go to work. During the post-production phase, we begin the process to ingest media, organize files and backup, and then prep projects to be edited. The editors and post production supervisor will carefully review all the footage and then they will assemble the story.

read more › New Pace is a dedicated team of producers, videographers and post-production artists that are passionate about creating dynamic video content, always bending over backwards for our clients, and pushing the limits of storytelling. See some of our work below. New Pace is a dedicated team of producers, videographers and storytellers that are passionate about creating great videos.

read more › We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves. In one word, it's the Experience. With over 12 years of experience, we've consistently created inspiring, motivating, and educational videos in the Philadelphia region and beyond. We've got the business experience successfully partnering with clients, learning their processes, understanding their preferences, and easing their potential pain points. We understand budgets and time, while always keeping everything organized, authentic and fun. We have a proven track record of delivering video and customer service that exceed expectations.

read more › Animation is a popular way to showcase complex products, explanations, topics, or visuals that cannot be shot with live action video. Animation makes for video content that's easy to digest and simple to comprehend in a short amount of time. The process, however, in getting from A-Z for an animated video project is no walk in the park. There are always varying levels of animation and the laborious tasks that come along with them. The good news is that regardless of the scope, we've mastered a simplified process to mitigate the pitfalls and to always hit the mark.

read more › Serving you safely, and remotely. Our expertise and process enables us to understand your needs, and deliver quality content every time. Some definitions will vary, and some may have evolved over the years in the age of digital media. Technically speaking, post production is the phase of video production after the filming is wrapped. Post production in this case refers to the editing of the visual and audio components of said filming. In many instances this is true. In others, it has evolved into other forms of editing and also animation or motion graphics.

read more › As a verified product video partner with Amazon, New Pace delivers cutting-edge, cost-effective video solutions that engage our clients' audiences and help motivate purchasing decisions. 2. Ship us your product to studio at is 6 E Athens Ave. Suite A, Ardmore, PA 19003, or email digital assets for animation to

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