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When you hire 20/20 Visual Media, you'll create your videos alongside people you want to work with. A story alone is powerful, but stories with strategy are both powerful and effective. We know how to tell great stories, and we understand how video fits into an overall marketing strategy. Our pre-production conversations focus not just on execution, but strategy.

With the plan in place, our production team takes over to capture the visuals. On location, on set, or in studio, we carefully craft each shot to represent your brand in the best light. Post-production is truly where the plan meets the execution. Our editors carefully meld captured footage with just the right music, modern and creative graphics, and your critical feedback - all of which work together to create a polished final product.

We've been people-focused and results-driven for 10 years and counting. We want to deliver an experience for our clients that is based on comfort and collaboration. So while you can read about our story, we want to let our results speak for themselves. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. For Co-Founders Patrick Rosenbaum and Rob

Brands of all sizes and backgrounds choose us as their video production company. Some of our success stories began as simple conversations and have blossomed into years of collaboration on productions. Crayola has partnered with 20/20 Visual Media for the last several years to create video support for its wide-ranging line of product. 20/20 Visual Media

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