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aideM Media Solutions Whether you're a small business, a Global Industry Leader, an HR department or recruitment office, you have a unique story to tell. A story that can spur your audience to action. A story that informs, entertains and shows your passion. When you tell your story with video, your audience will see the details, the colors and the action. That's the power of VIDEO!

At Aidem Media Solutions, we specialize in putting the power of video to work for you! We know how to craft your message to reach your target audience whether you want to add video to your website, produce a detailed training video or capture your next exciting event. Contact Aidem Media Solutions today to find out how we can help you produce a professional, high-quality video that gets your message to the masses.

Let us help you tell your story the right way!

At Aidem Media Solutions, video is our passion! We're a full-service video production company located in Lancaster, PA offering a variety of services including digital cinematography, internet and website video, documentary videos and high energy sports coverage. Like many small businesses, Aidem Media began as the fulfillment of a life-long dream.

Adding video to your website is one of best ways to leverage your marketing dollars and get your message to the masses. Instead of simply telling your story through pictures and text, adding a video to your website gives you the opportunity to SHOW your customers who you are and what you can do for them. Whether you're providing a tour of your facility

You may not know this about me - but my passion for video was sparked through sports videos - seriously! I used to make "sponsor me" skate videos to show to skateboard shop owners and skateboard companies to get discounts on gear and free skateboarding equipment. I even made my collegiate choice based on the fact that it was located 2 blocks from the

What about trying new marketing strategies with rich media? A commercial is a great way to relay your new information to your customers and prospects. Your sales will increase when you inform, entertain, and build trust with your viewers. WE learn through seeing, hearing, and reading, and a video allows you to use all 3 methods to reach your customers

Animations and Motion graphics are an extremely powerful storytelling device when used properly. Whether you're using animation to enhance your video content, creating a digital background against a green screen or building an entirely graphical concept from scratch, the aideM Media Crew's talented artists are ready to push the creative envelope to

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