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RDR Productions RDR Productions, a video production company serving the Chicago area, is your one stop shop for corporate, industrial or commercial video production and post production including video editing, live streaming, internet content, webcasting, webinars and virtual set design. Our broad range of clients include broadcast, advertising, business, industry, government, educational and non-profit organizations.

Located in Chicago, Glenview and Lake in the Hills, our 34 year old company offers quality production at very competitive rates. Corporate training or marketing your product via web video or live webcasting is a very efficient and cost effective way to get a consistent message out to your sales force or clientele. It can be the answer to economically communicating to a mass audience.

If your company has the need for a television or Internet commercial, RDR has the tools, creativity and expertise to bring your ideas to life at a cost guaranteed to fit your budget. Virtual sets are economical way to enhance your video by placing your talent in any environment.

read more › Founded in 1982, we are committed to quality and personalized professional service. Our skilled and creative staff bring an energy to each project which has allowed the company to substantially increase its ever growing client base. David Wechsler, President and senior producer at RDR is a 36 year veteran of the video production industry. Having worked for many Fortune 500 and smaller companies, David brings a strong level of experience and understanding to every project. With a hands-on background in production and editing, David has the ability to communicate his clients' needs to his professional staff.

read more › Live Streaming or Webcasting helps you reliably deliver your message to a large, global audience. It is a powerful way to reach sales prospects, clients, employees, members or town hall meetings. We can provide secure private events with login credentials or public events webcast over social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and/or Twitter. Broadcast audio, video, and/or PowerPoint slides live or on-demand to attendees anywhere in the world. These webcasts can be either single or multi-camera events.

read more › Need aerial footage? Whether it's for a construction site, a need for an aerial inspection, a view of your facility for your website video or any of a myriad of needs, our experienced and FAA certified and insured drone team can provide stunning 4K images of your facility. Using the latest in both drone and camera technology our two man team consisting of a pilot and a camera operator can provide highly cost effective footage. Working closely with local airports, if the job site is within 5 miles of an airport, we obtain tower clearance according to FAA rules allowing us the ability to shoot anywhere in the greater Chicago area.

read more › If your video production requires location shooting, we can bring the studio to you. Our experienced crews can transform your office, warehouse, laboratory, plant, or any other location into a broadcast-quality soundstage. Every element from custom lighting, sound support, to set construction and talent coordination is made available to insure the integrity of your project. As the shooting progresses, each shot selection is overseen, reviewed and approved by your company representative.

read more › We can enhance your video production utilizing our 20x30 production studio, complete with chromakey walls & floor. Our 30 ft chromakey wall allows us to shoot head-to-toe video. We can create a virtual environment placing talent "anywhere in the world." No need for chromakey? No problem. We can also provide a variety of backgrounds to accommodate product demonstrations, interviews, corporate training, webcasts, auditions or a variety of other productions. Our studio is available for rental on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis with or without production equipment.

read more › Virtual sets are economical way to enhance your video by placing your talent in any environment. No need for expensive carpenters, electricians or painters to build your set. Our team of 3D artists can customize your set to meet all your needs. Whether its a late night talk show, a game show, a news set or any virtual environment, our 27 foot wide green screen can accommodate up to 3 cameras and visually enhance your production in a way may have not thought possible.

read more › Our video editing suites, designed exclusively for corporate, industrial and commercial video production along with our staff of talented editors, have all the capabilities to bring your vision together. Whether its high definition, standard definition or any multimedia needs, we have the capability and the experienced staff to get the job done. Our facility includes two HD capable Avid Media Composer 6 edit systems and an Avid Xpress Pro HD. Each edit suite is outfitted with it's own soundbooth for voiceover recording.

read more › DVD or Blu-ray Authoring takes your video production to the next level. By adding menu screens, animations, and other multimedia content to your video, it creates an interactive experience for the viewer. In 2010, Sears Holdings Corporation commissioned RDR to produce a menu driven DVD series covering their line of home improvement equipment including their full lineup of specialty power and lawn and garden tools. Over 4500 copies were reproduced for all Sears and Kmart stores to provide better product knowledge to sales associates selling these products.

read more › If your old family 8mm or Super 8 home movies from the 1940's thru the 1980's continue to gather dust, it's time to bring them into the 21st century. Depending on how they have been stored, some of the picture quality of your films may have already begun to degrade. You can stop the process by transferring the films to DVD. RDR Productions has been a leader in the film transfer industry for over 25 years. Using the industry standard for film conversion, the Elmo Transvideo system, we can transfer your 8mm or Super 8mm film to digital videotape or DVD.

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