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Videos On Your Website Ron is professional, creative and well organized. He was great to work with and open to our input. The finished product exceeded our expectations and his fee for services rendered was more than reasonable. If you're in Cincinnati or Dayton, I would highly recommend Videos On Your Website for quality video content. We're not just another videographer.

With over 30 years experience in advertising and media we know how to get the attention of your prospects. That's why we are a MARKETER WITH A CAMERA. This is our official demo reel. We write, shoot, edit, add music, graphics and voiceover if needed, and help you upload the videos - all for one affordable price. Here's just a small sample of some of our favorite small business and corporate projects.

You can be anywhere in the country, and still have a quality, compelling video. We will help you craft an ultra-watchable message that tells your story. Use your existing footage and photos, or we'll find the perfect shot from our extensive library of stock footage.

read more › After years of success in one of the most competitive industries on the planet, we can show you how to reach your target audience, and how to tell your story with passion. Whether it's your first time on camera, or you're an experienced spokesman, Videos On Your Website specializes in creating a comfortable environment so that you will look your best. A winner of the National Association of Broadcasters Independent Producer of the Year, Ron believes going the extra mile doesn't come extra. Watch this short clip, and find out why you should never use a 30 or 60 second video message.

read more › After you and I have discussed the topic and the look of the video, I prepare a "shot list" of the scenes I'll need to get. Some producers will "storyboard" the video - that is, do a rough drawing of each scene to use as a guide. Normally, I stay away from storyboards and leave an open mind for whatever possibilities may arise. If our shoot time is, say 10 AM, I may arrive about 15 minutes early to start setting up equipment. Each video shoot is different, so the amount of gear I have to carry will change.

read more › When I started Videos On Your Website in 2010, my goal was to help small business and entrepreneurs in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky grow their companies with compelling, professional video production, and it also had to be affordable. You shouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars for video marketing. Get in touch with us for any video or marketing questions.

read more › We turn customer testimonials into YES-timonials by taking prospects thru the buying process with someone who is just like them. We know how to make you and your customers look great. We shoot on location in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky. And we deliver the finished videos quickly. Professional looking video testimonials are a powerful and an effective selling tool. Customer video testimonials are trusted more than anonymous reviews because it puts a face and a voice to the experience.

read more › Using video on your product page can increase conversions by 80% and 92% of shoppers say watching a video helps them make purchasing decisions. If you have multiple products, each one should be featured on a separate page with its own video. Show different options, show hoe it's made, explain how to set it up. When we produced a product video for a large sporting goods company, it outperformed all of the other content by 20 times! Sed varius enim lorem ullamcorper dolore aliquam aenean ornare velit lacus, ac varius enim lorem ullamcorper dolore.

read more › He has all of the technical skills required to create and produce outstanding video productions. But equally important, he understands how to approach a wide variety of business and marketing needs. Mike Bowers - Mutual of Omaha. Take viewers behind the scenes for added transparency. You could demonstrate your product, show off your factory, have customers tell their unique stories, interview your staff. Add value to sales by offering a How To series, talk about the latest news and issues in your industry.

read more › We put a link to our videos in with our new client paperwork. The patient came in knowing who I was and greeted me like she already knew me. Her relationship with us from the very start has been better, because of that initial video connection Dr. Laurie Jahnke DC - Apex Chiropractic. Whether your practice is referred by another doctor, or a friend of the patient, 80% of Americans will head straight for the internet to check you out. You may be the friendliest, smartest, most talented doctor in your area, but how will anyone know if you don't show them!

read more › Ron is my video guy! He does an outstanding job producing your final video but he does even better when making it because he's easy to work with. I showed up to my shoot without a script. No worries, he had one and he made it so easy on me. He told me what to say, how to sit, and how to make the best possible video for my audience. If you are looking for a video guy, Ron's your guy! Clayton Hicks - H7 Network. You are in the Know, Like and Trust business. Clients want to meet you before they meet you.

read more › Yes, these are easy and simple tips. The thing is - not everyone thinks of them. Maybe you're up against a competitor who just started using video. Well, here's your chance to get ahead. I'll tell you everything you need to know about the good, the bad, and the awkward of video testimonials. Video testimonials are the most powerful tool to grow the Know/Like/Trust factor for your business. A complete list of all the equipment you need to DIY your own videos, and one place where you should NEVER shoot.

read more › Should you be using YouTube to host videos for your business? YES! Not only is YouTube an easy and affordable (free) place to host videos and share them to your pages, but it's also the second largest search engine. Google is #1, and Google owns YouTube. In this video, I'll give you the seven secrets to uploading and using videos on YouTube to market your business. They are called secrets, because even though the concepts are simple and easy, most folks either don't know them, or don't practice them.

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