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Mas Productions For over 34 years our passion has been focused on achieving, and exceeding our client's goals. From complete production services, crews, and equipment rentals, our great reputation, and proven track record of reliability are outstanding. Located in Grinnell Iowa, MAS Pro Video is a complete video production resource. From largest live international broadcasts, to the boardroom, from the factory floor to to the operating room, our broad base of experience is unique.

We draw upon this experience to our client's benefit with: scalable, effective, creative content that delivers the results they seek.

read more › Expanding markets, announcing new products/services, a motivating first encounter: MAS Pro Video has long track record of developing B2B marketing videos for a broad base of industries, all while exceeding our client's goals. Craftsmanship, creativity, accurately forecasting effort, and extensive planning. With 25 years of working with advertising agencies, and directly with clients, MAS Pro Video has the proven expertise to partner in crafting your next campaign. When you need to create long form B2C and social media content, trust MAS Pro Video's expertise to help tell your story.

read more › MAS Pro Video has created thousands of hours of original training videos, across a broad base of clients. We partner with Instructional Designers to create an all-encompassing multimedia course, or can develop smaller projects directly with your Subject Matter Experts. With the help of your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we learn about the content to be taught. It is when WE fully understand the content that we can help you formulate an effective approach to ensure that learning takes place. Crafting the narrative, pictures, and graphics into an engaging and efficient, learning experience is key.

read more › Getting it right the first time. MAS Pro Video are experts in live events production, live broadcasting and streaming. We work on nationwide live network broadcasts weekly, and bring those disciplines to our clients. Trust capturing your live event and streaming to us. Your audience needs to be able to see and hear your event. We know how critical it is to be prepared for all contingencies, we provide backup protection and redundant systems because perfect execution and delivery are our standard.t.

read more › Corporate, broadcast news, government agencies, documentaries, prime time network shows, and advertising agencies all trust MAS Pro Video to be their boots on the ground in the Midwest. They know they will get the footage they need, at the quality they expect, all the while being reassured that our experience can handle any wrinkles that may arise. In fact, our clients value our services so much we've been traveled to every state in the nation, as well as Sweden, Rwanda, Mexico, and Canada. We understand the investment our client's make when they travel in a producer/director, or travel us out of state.

read more › Trust your editing to us. We can work independently and submit drafts, or come to your office and edit with supervision. With MAS Pro Video you'll get a collaborative partner equally committed to a polished final product. We utilize the Adobe Creative Suite line of products, and Camtasia (to create testable content).

read more › We can provide most of our extensive lighting package at your site in our 6' x 12' enclosed trailer as a 2 ton kit. Rate is $700/day+ mileage. An additional 25' of feeder connected to a wood panel mounted fuse box with six 20 amp quad box edison outlets, and two 30 amp twist lock outlets that connects to a 50' 10 gage line terminated with an edison quad box.

read more › Our multicam flypack system can be set up anywhere quickly, and deliver high performance. With 3 cameras, enough audio to cover 6 presenters, and the ability to insert presentations, roll-ins, and lower thirds live, you'll have a polished, engaging video instantly. To eliminate the need for you to hire, schedule and manage an entire project crew, we can also provide camera operators, audio technicians, stage managers, and graphics operators at an added cost.

read more › Responsibility for damages, repair and theft are that of the renter. The renter assumes all risk for damages and liability when the rented equipment is in the possession of the renter and/or their agent(s). MAS Pro Video's identifying decals on rental equipment will not be removed, defaced or covered. A 50% charge of the rental will be billed for notifications of cancellation not received before 24 hours of pick-up. The "per day" rate is for a full 24 hours per shoot day with one day for pickup and one day for drop off.

read more › We can supply, and deliver to site: our equipment, tables, pop up shelters, coolers, small heaters, chairs, carts, etc, and expendables. OT is billed at 1.5x for hours 11 and 12, then 2x after. Meal breaks, meal penalties, short turns, magic hour, P & W, and OT are all additional charges. Transportation, lodging, mileage, per diem not included in these rates. Rates are subject to change. Cancelation fees will apply. For full details please call or email us.

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