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Does that make us obsessive about video? Perhaps. The point is, we not only know how to make your video impactful, we know how to optimize it for the digital world. We'll take Internet surfers from your video to your home page, so they can dive into your brand. We'll apply keywords that connect with what people are looking for. And we'll maximize your story visually to grab every viewer's attention.

The result is, they'll hang out at your site longer and hear more about what you have to say. Futuristic or friendly, sexy or subtle, we know how to create just the right approach for videos. From storyboarding to editing to post-production, we have a team of highly skilled and talented individuals who aren't afraid to take on even the most complex and daunting projects.

Collaboration throughout all levels is how we run things around here. Our 3D modeling and motion graphics teams work closely with renderers, animators, and designers to create some pretty cool work we're proud to show off. Animation is much more than just a final product - it's a specialized talent and art.

read more › Video production is where the ideas scribbled on napkins become living, breathing, moving things. We think that's a pretty awesome responsibility. The Swagger secret sauce is the combo of things at the core of our business that makes us different than any other video production company. Engaging your audience with brilliant ideas. Moving them emotionally and rationally to connect with your brand. We live for this stuff. As Video Marketers, we combine compelling creativity and the very latest technologies to create ideas that become living, breathing, moving things.

read more › Meet the people behind the cameras, the talented guys and gals who want to bring your vision to life. Cortney is a Swiss Army knife of talent, yet it's her rare ability to juggle an onslaught of demands and still come out smiling that keeps everything headed in the right direction. That and being first in line for whatever new gadget is the latest on the market. We're pretty sure she was the first Game of Thrones fan too. Kyle's got a unique talent for being able to see the world through his very own Simpsons' lens.

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