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Expressions In Video We are offering FREE pick up and delivery for film transfer and duplication jobs with a $50 minimum. Concept to completion corporate and commercial video production. We specialize in the strategy, design and production of high-profile, high quality film & video content for broadcast, corporate and web use. Testimonials provide evidence that you solve customers problems and offer some great benefits.

Video testimonials are considered more effective and more believable than written ones. We can create custom-made animated videos. Whether its an explainer video, educational video, or animated pitch, we can develop your video from scratch and create a polished video. Archive your home videos, photos, slides and 8mm movie film to DVD. We can transfer 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm film.

Our Austin Video Production company can transfer all formats of video tape to DVD or make a custom photo/slide show to DVD for weddings, graduations and all special occasions. We also convert virtually any video format to DVD or digital file and can convert existing DVDs to another digital format for archiving.

Having the right team is essential to making amazing videos and getting high paying customers. What kind of video do you need? Odds are we've got you covered. Why do name brands like Chevron, Whole Foods and Sonic trust our video skills? Top influencers and marketers spend loads on YouTube ads because they know they convert well. They know how effective

They make your claims more believable, interesting and meaningful. A testimonial video explains your product or service with greater impact, because it is genuine and real. Not simply a sales pitch. They overcome many objections that hold people back from buying. They also show that other people are using this product or service, so, therefore, it must

Expressions in Video is a Austin video production service company dedicated to cutting edge, cinematic TV commercial production. Expressions covers every aspect of TV Commercial production including scriptwriting, graphic design, production, post production, visual FX and audio. The best part is, you can advertise your commercial to different channels

Increase conversion rates and clarify your service or product! Animated corporate and commercial messaging is a great way to engage your audience. Animation increases your conversions, web traffic and clarifies your product or service. Expressions In Video develops animation services for companies like Chevron, Captial One and Dell. With animation,

At Expressions In Video we help artists craft a story-driven, visually stylistic music videos. YouTube is the number one search engine for music. It's a fantastic way to be seen and build your fan base. But it's also a crowded field. You want to stand out. You've put the sweat and love into your songs, let us put the sweat and love into visually translating

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