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4th Wall Productions From Stand Ups and on camera Interviews with beautiful color and shallow depth of field cinematic video production to "run and gun", we provide a full range of video styles: Electronic Field Production (EFP), Electronic News Gathering (ENG), and straight-forward corporate video production. If you require a more creative style of story telling, we offer cinematic, ultra high-definition video as well.

We guarantee quality video with brilliant lighting and clear sound, interviews that flatter your on-screen talent, and compelling testimonials to reinforce the sales process and close the deal. You choose the right setting: your office, a dazzling landscape, or in studio with a green screen. I can't tell you how helpful those videos have been to our patients and how many comments we receive, not just from patients but from other physicians around the country on the remarkable quality of those videos.

The medical quality of these videos and the way the educational content is delivered is truly remarkable which probably accounts for why so many people have commented on how good those videos are.

read more › If you have a business, video is a powerful means to win your customers' trust. Internet video has taken off, and nothing reduces the barrier to call or buy like the relationship you can build with your customer through a compelling video. In today's market it is essential to have at minimum a "video business card" to promote your business on the air or on the Web. Web video advertising is vital to any marketing strategy. We shoot everything in High Definition or Ultra High Definition 4K and offer you amazing quality.

read more › Our goal is to assist you to attract customers by building trust and brand loyalty through the power of video. We can help you communicate your message effectively and clearly to drive more traffic your way. Anthony has produced and directed nearly 200 television commercials and will ensure your product or service is represented in the best light possible.

read more › 4th Wall Productions, LLC can provide everything you need to get your video project done right. We have invested extensively in video/independent film production equipment to deliver Ultra HD 4k orHigh Definition video quality and exceptional value. If what you are looking for is not on this list, please ask us about it. We have relationships with other production companies and rental houses and may be able to get it for you or point you in the right direction. We have Ultra HD and HD camera systems.

read more › Our regular TV commercial service starts at $1300-$1500 for a complete TV commercial with a professional voice over, nice graphics and great looking videography and a royalty free music bed. We offer a consultation script meeting, 3-4 hours shoot and a 3-4 hour edit, creating a professional television presence for your company. These rates do not include the on camera talent, we rely on you for that or the services of a professional casting agent. Typical commercial price range, $1,500-$10,000.

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