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PARAGON: derives from the Old Italian word paragone, which literally means "touchstone." A touchstone is a black stone that was formerly used to judge the purity of gold or silver. The metal was rubbed on the stone and the color of the streak it left indicated its quality. In modern English, both touchstone and paragon have come to signify a standard by which something should be judged.

Social Paragon is a video content creation company that creates regular video content for businesses Website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels. We work with Marketers and Business owners to strategize a plan to attract, convert, close, and delight their audience with great video content. We do this by grouping businesses together that share in the costs of a salaried video producer.

Do you need a dedicated full-time, part-time, or fractional time Video Producer?, or do you film your own content and just need a Video Editor to edit all your footage? No problem, we got this! Have you ever wanted to have your very own TV episode or wanted to build a steller YouTube channel that people loved to watch?

You can request as many videos as you want and we will edit the videos one right after another. Revisions are also unlimited so you can request as many as you'd like and these will also be delivered one right after another. It's important to note that we work on one video at a time and the delivery of your video will be based on your plan you select

Real Estate Agencies have hired us to produce videos that feature some of the local businesses in the community. The agents use these videos to share with thousands of people in their Sphere of Influence (SOI) as well as new people moving into the area. Because this content is so valuable to the Real Estate teams, all cost to produce these videos are

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