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On The Marc Media is a multimedia communications company specializing in public relations, social media, video production and much more. We integrate cutting-edge technology to promote and communicate focused messages for businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, every dollar counts - and your marketing efforts need to provide a return on investment.

We understand how small businesses operate and our team knows how to maximize your budget to succeed. Our goal is to grow with you long term as you build your business. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to storytelling. But above all else, our mission is to get to know your company, spread your story, and have it heard among industry experts and investors.

Whether you're looking to increase sales, downloads, or develop new partnerships, we know how to create messages that make an impact for both B2B and B2C audiences. We have a long history working with law firms and legal professionals.

read more › We've been a proud client of On The Marc Media since 2011. They are a one-of-a-kind PR company. The OTMM team has a great balance of experience in front of the camera and behind it, and are a powerhouse as it relates to social media. We've seen all our marketing objectives and goals met because of our collaboration with OTMM. I would highly recommend them anytime, anyplace! On The Marc Media helped us craft a compelling story and acquire critical media coverage that has exponentially raised awareness about P.A.N.D.A.S. across the nation.

read more › Bring your story to life through an engaged audience. As veteran reporters and TV personalities, we know what it takes to get your products and services on air and in print. Our public relations services with top broadcasting companies and reporters can get your company or your executives the coverage you want. Our public relations specialists and media pitchers strategize to connect you with targeted media outlets interested in what your product has to offer. We believe your public relations goals should tie directly to your business marketing strategy.

read more › Are you effectively marketing your business through social media? As a business owner, your company has an endless list of things to do daily, but managing your social media accounts doesn't have to be one of them. Don't just be part of the online conversation, set the trend. On The Marc Media can help your company with a strategic social media plan to reach your objectives. Whether it is simply gaining more followers, achieving higher engagement or promoting your brand, we can manage your social media accounts.

read more › You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but you should judge a business by its website. Think of your website as your online storefront with visitors stopping by all day every day, whether they are on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. The goal is to get people in the door, make sure they stick around for a full tour and check out your products or services, whatever they may be. On The Marc Media will dress up your windows and leave an exceptional first impression on your current and future clients, customers and investors.

read more › First impressions are everything, and there is no better way to captivate your potential clients, customers and investors than with expertly-designed visuals that tell your brand's story. Let On The Marc Media put your business's best foot forward with our graphic design service. Between waning attention spans and an oversaturation of messages, you only have seconds to grab the attention of your next patron. Let's face it: text will only get your company so far in today's world. Visual communication is more powerful than you think.

read more › Advertising is rapidly changing. Studies show that trust in online advertising is increasing, especially for ads on TV, print and radio. The landscape of advertising has changed drastically, it's not your grandfather's advertising. You need a partner like On The Marc Media that knows how to build your brand, promote your product, service or cause, and meet your company goals and objectives with inspiring, well-designed and targeted advertising. We know the best ads are those that are ingenious at leaving an impression.

read more › You have great stories to tell and audiences yearning to hear them. We help associations by crafting stories that engage, delight and move their audiences. We show. We tell. We amplify. We work closely with you to think through new approaches to connecting with people inside and outside of your association. People you care about. On The Marc Media is a multimedia communications company specializing in public relations, social media, video production and much more. We integrate cutting-edge technology to promote and communicate focused messages for a variety of clients - from big to small, for-profit to nonprofit, mission-driven to business-minded.

read more › Consumers are pelted with content everyday online, in print, on TV and in the news. You need your content to stand out from the crowd, but that can be difficult in a world saturated with many mixed messages. Quality content can make or break a company, which is why On The Marc Media specializes in telling your story in a more meaningful way. People don't want to see advertisements when making purchasing decisions, they want valuable information, which is why quality content is key for every business.

read more › It is proven that stakeholders respond to your organization's messages and offerings when they become a part of an actual experience. Special events are critical to successful marketing and public relations strategy. On The Marc Media has you covered from the inception of your event idea to the departure of the last attendee. Our event marketing services includes:.

read more › Whether you're a business trying to figure out how to keep your customers engaged, or you've got reporters clamoring at your door, On The Marc Media can help you or your business with expert crisis preparedness and response. Crisis: University staff member's reputation was targeted for destruction following a student's controversial social media post. The dispute quickly escalated to online threats directed toward the staff member and his family. Strategy: On The Marc Media launched a multi-prong strategy-crafting a statement and leveraging university newspapers to take the story into our own hands.

read more › At On The Marc Media, we are committed to being a step ahead of the field and leading the conversation. Good ideas are meant to be shared. Whether you're a business trying to figure out how to keep your customers engaged, or you've got reporters clamoring at your door, On The Marc Media's Crisis Management Team can help you with expert crisis preparedness and response. Consumers believe news stories more than advertising. A story in the Washington Post, or on an influential blog, can lead to a substantial increase in sales and company growth.

read more › Bickering Over: Why You Can't Forget the "Ketchup" In Marketing Strategy - with Nicole Bernard. Everyone can agree that ketchup is the superior condiment for the perfect burger. No? You don't like ketchup? Well, ketchup lovers and haters alike are going to want to tune in to learn how ketchup and marketing pair together to help you create the perfect. Much of today's communication is done through likes and comments on Instagram, or emojis, and reactions on Facebook. All of the funny cat videos and TikTok challenges aside, social media can be an extremely useful tool to communicate your brand across many different cultures.

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