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Life's Interpretation Life's Interpretation, is a full-service digital media, marketing and video production company in New York City, Long Island and Virginia. We are dedicated to helping your company. We build brands through visual media and digital advertising. Professional video production is process oriented and results driven in a collaborative environment that provides a hands-on approach to the entire project.

Helping your company get results is our goal. We tell stories with a video that engage your audience and help you see a more productive conversion rate. As a storytelling agency, we help you craft the story that will differentiate you from the competition and help you create a connection between you and your audience.

read more › Our goal is to create something new and unique, but not before we master the basics. We attempt to reach out to all audiences no matter the race, gender or class. We are writers and storytellers with the ability to communicate with a diverse audience customers. We create original music pieces, movie scores, background sounds and effects and voice overs. Combining these components, parts, and/or elements allows for a one of a kind audio or music creation. The structure of each new song or piece of music is dependent on the artist(s) involved and composer(s) or the project need and request of client.

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