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Yochim, Jessica In pre-production, we help you decide on the concept, the look, feel, and style; we can write the script, cast any actors, decide on location and set design, and lock down all the other details involved with how the final product is going to look, sound, and perform. Now that we have the road map established, it is time to put it all together in front of the camera.

Production is where our professional film crew with the latest industry standard equipment do what they do best - capture incredible images. Post-production is where our experienced editorial team truly shapes your story and makes it beautiful. We handle the editing, color, sound, vfx, and make sure your final product looks exactly like we planned in pre-production: picture-perfect.

From the initial meeting right through to the end result, MenajErie's energy, enthusiasm, and passion make them a joy to work with. The creativity from all aspects of their work is a testament to their vision and direction each and every time they get behind the camera.

read more › Nestled in the the Little Italy neighborhood of Erie PA, we found our home inside the historic Erie Bronze foundry building. Our 3,500sqft film studio and post-production office is the perfect space to get creative and produce professional results for our clients. Jessica is a native of Erie, PA and a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University College of Communications where she earned a B.A. in Film and Video. She launched MenajErie Studio in 2013 as a way to turn her passion for filmmaking into a lifelong career.

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