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We have 20 years of experience in audio production for TV, radio, audiobooks, webcasting, and commercial music recording. Insure your success by working with a professional company that knows the business and has the equipment and talent to make your project stand out. There's a world of possibilities at MetroVoiceMedia. We are a full service audio video production company.

All you need is an idea; we'll help you get your message out in the right way to the right audience! Have your next business presentation completed with professional videographers with years of experience under their belts. Your video needs will be met with all of the latest high definition production equipment. Rest assured that your multimedia projects are covered too, another specialty of ours.

Craig Gildner has a wealth of experience behind the microphone. He's worked at two NPR affiliate radio stations, the talking book field, and as a freelance VO artist since 2004 with the creation of MetroVoiceMedia. His clients include the CIA, Baltimore Zoo, Cortina Productions, and U.S. Army.

read more › Bring professional sound to all of your videos and presentations at our studio. There you will have access to all of the latest and greatest audio and video production equipment. Audio rates for your production will vary from $110 to $150 an hour depending on the services you choose. You will also have access to a full sound library with rates that vary from $15 to $275, for radio broadcasts. Consider a whole voiceover demo package for just $1,500 including full demo, music, and sound effects. Included with access to equipment you will be able to peruse a wide variety of voice over actors from our well known talent banks.

read more › A studio just can't be called a studio without professional audio equipment. You can make use of the equipment and professional audio services we offer on your next project. Audio recording outside a controlled studio environment can be challenging, but with the right equipment and engineer, it's amazing what you can capture. When you want ready for broadcast quality, trust us.

read more › Metrovoice Media now offers local business professionals the chance to attend meetings halfway across the world and give presentations without traveling there. In an instant you can schedule a session and save time and money! Our Polycom VSX 7000 offers reliable connection with high quality picture and sound. Rates are flexible depending on time of day and day of week. We can accommodate a panel of presenters up to four. Contact Craig fore scheduling and costs. Bring the world closer to you! It's the newest form of direct to consumer media, but how does podcasting work?

read more › Bring your video production projects to a company with more than 20 years of videography experience. You will not be disappointed with our high definition video format and impressive client list. Family history and genealogy is becoming more and more important in this fast paced, changing and ephemeral world of ours. Photos, home movies, audio recordings and letters can help to jog the memory of life in and before the 20th century, but nothing surpasses an oral history, delivered by a family member who actually lived during the time, or remembers stories handed down from decade to decade.

read more › Metrovoice Media prides itself on delivering high quality presentations using professional equipment and talent. When the message matters and you need to make the most impact on your audience, call us. Our voiceover talent bank has voices heard frequently on the air locally, regionally and nationally. Call us today to schedule an appointment and receive a free quote on your next project!

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