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StrixMedia Storytelling is one of the most fundamental ways humans building connections and strengthen relationships. From initial scripting, and storyboarding to final production, we have the tools and knowledge needed to craft your story. Show off the type of lifestyle your customers are missing out on with new captivating photos. Enhance your website and social media, but more importantly, enhance the perceived value of your brand.

Don't misuse social media! It's not just about being on the platform, it's about actually using the platform and posting consistently. We'll show you the right way to use social and become the go-to resource for your industry. We design impactful websites that help users fully understand your mission with a clear user experience. See what details go into designing your new website.

The quality of your virtual events is important now more than ever. Throw your guests the virtual event they deserve. From private events to corporate galas, we have the means to bring your virtual event to the masses.

read more › StrixMedia is the digital media agency of today. Clients turn to us for the best in cutting edge technology in video production, photography and content creation. We have a solid understanding of the needs - and the budget - of the modern digital entrepreneur, and are on top of the ever-changing platforms of the digital world, where content is king.

read more › Using professional videography to create a commercial is a great way to jumpstart your digital marketing or social media advertising campaigns. Having your satisfied customers talk about why they love your products or services can be a very powerful tool to social-proof your audience. In the world of social media, an event doesn't occur just once! Why not capture the festivities with a professionally made video to show to your attendees after your event. In today's world, you need to stay in front of your customers with a constant stream of social media content.

read more › Portrait photography is a fantastic way to commemorate family bonds, showcase personal style or just have fun with a friend or loved one. Represent your company, brand or yourself with a stunning professional headshot, showcase your work space, or have photos to show off on social media with corporate photography. Let's highlight what makes you, you with lifestyle photography. These photos are perfect for brand building and connecting with your audience on social media. One of the most important aspects of a customer's buying decision is how your product looks online.

read more › The art of paid social media advertising can be your most powerful ally when done correctly. Luckily you have found the experts you need to grow your business. Social Media can be a tricky thing to handle while running your own business. Let us handle it for you with proper social media management techniques, strategy, and growth hacking. In the modern age, we believe every business is in the media business. Let us create the content you need to stay in front of your audience to help drive traffic and sales.

read more › Today, if you don't have a website, you essentially do not exist. A business without a website or an outdated one looks like a business that doesn't care about its customers. Let StrixMedia change that! Hey, it's 2019, if you have products that can be sold online, you should be selling them online! With effective advertising and a beautifully made E-Commerce site, StrixMedia can make a website that works for you. A personal brand isn't complete without a stunning website. Have your audience find out more about you to potentially purchase your products or services.

read more › Engaging video is the key to relatable, viral and sharable content in the digital world. We provide our clients with superior video production, editing and post-production services for corporate, promotional and educational engagements. Story-boarding and script advising services are also available.

read more › Starting a business is never easy, and in today's world entrepreneurs need to bring creativity to their work so they can stand out among the rest. Each week, join Dan Gianfrancesco and Zack Ryan as they interview business owners, content creators, and creatives of all types about hustling to build their dreams. The digital media power duo talk with guests about their grind, the come up, using social media to market their business, making a name for yourself, and much more. Whether you are an entrepreneur, creator, or just want to learn about starting/owning a small business this podcast will definitely have something in it for you.

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