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We specialize in short videos that influence, educate, build rapport to help you tell your story and inspire action. Good Fruit helps organizations create consistent, quality video content to increase sales, recruit talent, establish credibility as an expert, and ultimately boost their bottom line. We do this through our Fast, Flexible and Authentic customer journey system that makes video easy.

I really appreciate the fast responses from your team and how prepared everyone has been each time we've used your services. You all have been so easy to talk to and great to work with. I really appreciate all the hard work you've done for us! First and foremost, we are here to help you succeed. We have a defined process for how we work with clients to plan and execute effective videos.

If you think video might be right for your business, let's schedule a free 60-minute consultation to discuss if we are a fit and how we could help you reach your goals.

Justin is the guy with a million crazy ideas and even a few good ones. His passion is solving problems and he does that daily through his work in Good Fruit, as well as his work in the community, from programs and events he's started like the BOOM Awards and Battlefield Brawl, to his work on the Special Education Advisory Committee and the Small Business

We often work with CEOs, Marketing Directors, and other executives who become overly concerned with what they are going to say, where it's going to be recorded, and feel they need to drive the process or have a vision for their video. Relax-we'll take care of all the details. In fact, our process is so simple and refined that 99% of our videos are not

This is just an estimate for your first video. Due to some of your selections we cannot provide you an accurate estimate. Send us the details of your project and we can setup a time to learn more about you and your needs. Provide us a little more detail if you would like about your video and what you would like to accomplish.

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