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When I was five, my brother shot a Super-8 movie for an English assignment. With the camera secured on a tripod, he filmed me running to an oak tree and hiding behind it. Then he shut off the camera and waved me out of the shot. He repeated this strange process with every available friend or family member. A few weeks later, when the film came back from the photo lab, I saw it projected.

Just like magic, one by one, we vanished behind that tree! His simple trick (starting and stopping the camera) teleported us across space and time. That's when I learned the power of the cut, and the magic of filmmaking. I was hooked! For over fifteen years now at WinterSpring, I've helped professionals & individuals tell their story with video. As an artist, my intuitive approach to Video Production focuses on imagination and originality.

But most importantly, from start to finish, the process and the result should be exciting and fun! Happy Storytelling.

read more › I really think my drawing and art skills help me better visualize my client's story from start to finish. If a movie calls for detailed shots, I'll design storyboards to help everyone understand the process. Creative composition and lighting make all the difference during filming. And in the edit bay, subtle effects and careful tweaks to color and tone help create a theme or mood. But in the end it's the intuitive edit that makes the biggest impact. The cut brings everything back together.

read more › One of three unique videos created to promote Bull's Eye Credit Union. Produced by Marks Media of Wisconsin Rapids, WinterSpring was brought on board to provide the filming & editing. This is one of several videos I worked on in 2013 that I am still very proud of. I stretched my video equipment to its limits that year. Always exciting working with WhiteFeather Organics, a family farm located in Custer Wisconsin. WinterSpring Studios produced this video to help them drive a fundrasing campaign to improve food storage.

read more › It's awesome to hear feedback from customers who've had home movies transferred to DVD. These old films and videotapes are like time capsules. Friends, family, some far away, some long gone, their stories are waiting to be told again. Some folks come into the shop with grand designs to edit down hours and hours of family footage into a short video. It's so overwhelming for them because they don't know where to begin. Just get them all transferred, I tell them. Every second of that old footage can be priceless.

read more › In 1993 I was working at a camera shop when my coworker introduced me to Photoshop and the Macintosh. As an artist, I quickly grasped it's potential, investing countless hours learning the software. It was a magical time back then. With the click of a mouse my coworker and I wiped away cluttered backgrounds, healed blemishes and colorized black and white photographs. We were like picture wizards!

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