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Your event is a special event to us. Your video marketing, commercial and corporate training needs are met on time, with expert experience. Trust us, we've been doing this for more than 30 years and we're proud to call 400 events, Reel Events. See for yourself from some of the brands we've worked with in the past why we're the Reel Thing. Book us and we'll show you why we're one of the best in the video production companies in this area.

You have a story and we want to help you tell it. Not only that, but your business is important to you and you need a marketing solution that will help you stand out from the rest. That's where we enter the picture. Whether your venue is small, medium, or large we have the equipment you need to ensure that your event is memorable for years to come.

We provide lighting, projection, and sound equipment that will help capture every moment with a professional, yet personal touch. Reel Events is a Myrtle Beach video production company located in South Carolina.

read more › We've been keeping it reel since 2010, when we decided to bring together a group of Myrtle Beach creative professionals - from videographers, sound engineers and lighting designers to editors and freelancers. As your go-to Myrtle Beach videographer, we combine our talents to produce state-of-the-art video and audio productions. Our team may be small, but we're mighty. With the manpower available for mega-live events. With the capability and mobility to travel for shoots anywhere. And with the high-quality equipment that's covered more than 30 years' and 400 events' worth of footage for the likes of CBS Sports, Tupelo Honey Cafe, The Carolina Opry, Alabama Theatre, Dulce Lusso Salon and more.

read more › What we do is in our name: Reel Events. We're a Myrtle Beach videography company expertly handled by a master team that has the passion, training and tenacity to create the highest quality videos for you on time and on budget. We have the manpower available for mega-live events, the capability and mobility to travel for shoots anywhere, and the high-quality equipment that's covered more than 30 years' and 400 events' worth of footage for the likes of CBS Sports, Tupelo Honey Cafe, The Carolina Opry, Alabama Theatre, Dulce Lusso Salon and more.

read more › Our goal for each and every video project is to make you happy by successfully capturing the story of your business or event. What is the intended use of your video? We'll explore the goals of using video production over other mediums and something you really want to explain using your video, such as what you do, where you are and more. Who is your audience? It's not only about who will be seeing the video, but in what medium it will be shown, such as web, broadcast, social media platforms or streaming corporate events.

read more › Reel Events is a Myrtle Beach video production company located in South Carolina. Reel Events offers videography, media creation, audio recording & design and lighting for clients along the Grand Strand. Video production services include filming commercials, events, live streaming, multi-camera shoots, training videos, 4K video editing and marketing videos. Reel Events is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

read more › REEL Events offers you everything from the studio space to all of the equipment you need to bring your concepts to life. When you call, we listen. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience and professional help for your project's unique needs. Take advantage of our Studio Space/Sound Stage and rent only the equipment and Studio time that you need. REEL Events offers cameras, lights and audio gear and the creative people behind those to help you bring your concept to life. You can hire our professional crew to help run things behind the scenes while you concentrate on directing your project in person or remotely.

read more › You've chosen to produce a video for a reason. To tell your story. So you should feel comfortable with who is behind the camera helping you to accomplish that. Whether it's for corporate, commercial or entertainment purposes, Reel Events, based in Myrtle Beach, has more than 30 years of experience producing videos for clients on a full scale of settings, styles, timelines and budgets. So we're the team to handle your job. Our Marketing Videos cover the gamut of projects for clients in the hospitality, technology, finance, fashion, transportation, real estate or PR industries (to name a few) in the form of training videos, brand videos, CEO profiles, Web videos, corporate videos, pitches, employee profiles, recruitment videos, fundraising videos, documentaries, instructional or educational videos and more.

read more › The power of a commercial far outreaches any written word count. All we need is 15, 30 or 60 seconds to bring your message to your target audience - to bring your story to life in a medium that's forever memorable. Reel Events can create broadcast-quality commercials with your logo, custom graphics and voiceovers that deliver results - fast. Even if you need a catchy jingle, we have a contracted musician on staff that we can call on to pen just the right one for you. Additional commercial production services include audio design and an in-house green screen studio.

read more › Whether you're expecting 20 or 20,000 attendees, Reel Events can accommodate and capture any size event with our multiple HD cameras, an 18-foot jlB camera and full PA sound systems. If you have a corporate event or presentation, Reel Events can help you put on a seamless event. We offer video presentations, large screen projectors, sound systems and lighting that will best capture every second, so you don't have take a second thought on whether or not things are covered. We offer all the latest equipment and we're well versed in all the cutting-edge techniques used in the industry.

read more › Real Estate Marketing- We produce Residential and Commercial Marketing Videos which include high resolution photos. The scale and scope of our aerial videos and photos highlight properties and make your listings stand out like never before. Show them value from above! Resort Tours- Showcase your resort layout and amenities with a 4K breathtaking aerial tour video created to make you soar above the competition! Golf Course- From tee to green, exhibit all your course has to offer with stunning scenic views made possible with our licensed, insured, and talented pilots along with our excellent production team.

read more › The best way to walk someone through a process or procedure is by creating a visual step-by-step. And for you, as the owner of a small business or large corporation, it's the most cost-effective and measurable method of training your employees. Whether you have an employee that could benefit from a training video or you have the desire to publish a how-to video on the web, Reel Events is here to help you teach, inform and improve performance overall. In addition to training video services, we also offer our talents for recruiting videos, company policy overview or screen cast videos.

read more › This is where we like to show off our skills in post-production. Reel Events and our expert video editors use only the latest technologies and software to create amazing video content. The choice of edits we make in this provided service is critical to the finished product. And we understand that. Don't leave it to someone who won't use the best out of your footage. Reel Events transforms the visuals, action, sound and creative elements into one cohesive master video that will impact your audience, viewers and customers.

read more › Sometimes called "explainer videos, " marketing videos are mostly used for online advertising as an extremely cost-effective way to reach the masses. Many companies are finding out that, rather than producing one, lengthy expensive video every six months, relationships are better built by producing content more regularly. That's where Reel Events steps into the scene. We specialize in producing these short videos, all with a fast turnaround and at a reasonable cost. All to bring your product to life and connect emotionally with viewers.

read more › That's the beautiful sound of audio recording, one of the most integral elements of your video project. High-quality audio can separate the amateurs from the pros. That's where Reel Events has a trained ear, with more than 30 years of experience to record voiceovers, commercial jingles, live sound and original content. At Reel Events, we manipulate the sound of a sequence by inserting just the right balance of audio elements via our large sound effects and music library. We can also add narration, extra voices, and an original jingle with our contracted composer.

read more › Just as audio, lighting is key to a successful video project. At Reel Events, not only do we have knowledgeable expert lighting staff, but also the vital gear to make your project, well, shine. Backlighting, to give a pleasant depth to the shot and separate your subject from the background. Backlights are placed behind the subject and shed light on the head and shoulders. Fill Lighting, which supports the key light, just at a lower intensity and brightness and acts as a fill-in for the shadows created by the key light.

read more › Research has calculated that one minute of video equals 1.8 million words (that's 3,600 typical web pages), but who has time for reading all of that? That's just one reason video has proven to be one of the most powerful mediums. It's also one of the most accessible, viewable on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Video plays a huge role in marketing and delivering valuable and relevant information to a targeted audience (that's your customers and purchase influencers). Why read a promo, blog post or email when you can watch it?

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