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Advantage Media & Digital, Buckeye Lifestyle Magazine It's all about increasing revenue and looking at marketing as an investment in your company's growth. Like you, we're very bottom line-oriented and want to see you get results from your marketing. Developing a media strategy to reach the right people, at the right time, with the creative that puts you at the top of your customer's mind, is what we do best.

That's our clients' Advantage!

read more › What started as a temporary form of income for a mom who wanted to stay home with her newborn twin sons, has now grown to one of Central Ohio's fastest growing advertising agencies. Jasmin Tucker formed Advantage Media & Digital advertising agency in 2000 as a way to leave her very successful radio sales career at WSNY and spend more time with her children. One account quickly turned to three accounts, and now Advantage Media & Digital works with over 18 clients doing business as an advertising agency specializing in media buying, media production, television & radio advertising and digital marketing with clients in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, as well as New York, Texas and Georgia.

read more › Advantage Media & Digital is a full-service Columbus Ohio advertising agency that works with companies to help them get optimum results for their advertising dollar. We start with the fundamentals - your goals, needs, customer base, competition, market factors, creative, promotions, growth potential, and all the things that influence your marketing strategy. Most business owners don't have the time or resources to put together an advertising plan or marketing strategy. It is all about increasing revenue and looking at marketing as an investment in their company's growth.

read more › Direct mail advertising is mailing current customers or potential new customers special offers or promotions. One benefit of direct mail advertising is that it's very targetable. A business owner can purchase a mailing list of potential clients in specific zip codes and target just those individuals. It also can be a good way to keep in touch with current customers. Direct mail advertising is highly measurable. If a company does an offer or coupon in the mailer, one can measure the results of a campaign based on how many coupons are redeemed.

read more › Magazine advertising has many advantages over other types of print. Here are some of the top reasons to consider magazine advertising to reach potential customers. Magazine readers typically have a strong interest in the theme or topic of a given magazine. Magazines can be make a huge impact and are very targetable. They can be niche, lifestyle and more. One can effectively reach their target with specific magazines. People are passionate about their hobbies and about where they live. Local magazines that are part of a community and featuring local topics, local fashion, dining, businesses and local events create enthusiasts and engaged readers.

read more › It's interesting that when people make these claims they offer no evidence other than - "well my friend says they only listen to satellite". Advantage Media & Digital has the Nielsen numbers to back up the evidence that people still do listen to broadcast radio, and it still works for clients. In fact, radio is more cost effective today than it has ever been. The strategy we use with our clients is to provide a minimum 3 frequency (the listener hears the commercial at least 3 times a week), which is still low if the campaign is less than 6 months long.

read more › Often we meet with business owners and although they know their business very well, they haven't taken the time or effort to think about marketing. Often we are told, "We are the best in our category and have won awards, but our sales are just not where they need to be". The benefits of a marketing strategy business plan are enormous and will help a business owner get away from relying on "intuition" to make business decisions. Here are a few questions we often ask our customers to help us create a marketing strategy for your business.

read more › Advantage Media & Digital provides award winning, results oriented full service production including scripting, talent, on-site multi camera shooting, drone footage (Certified Private Pilot with FCC Drone certification). We also have an in-house studio for video and photography including green and white screen. Production capabilities include audio for radio commercials and full music library. Whether you need a 3 minute "how to cook recipe" video, a thirty second TV commercial, or a seven second pre-roll digital video - Advantage Media & Digital can provide you a quality video with your results in mind.

read more › Over $50 Million in media placed since 2000. Better margins, higher profits, lower cost per customer acquisition, all because you suddenly have better buying power. Advantage Media & Digital uses the buying power of all our clients to help you get a more effective and efficient media strategy. You need results from your advertising, and a partner in your business who has helped other companies likes yours succeed. We are not just selling our inventory or trying to hit next months budget. Your company has specific goals and it's our job to help you reach them.

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