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CRM Studios Louisiana CRM Studios is one of the most reliable video production companies you'll find across Texas and Louisiana. We've been providing video production services and delivering successful results for decades. Our flagship production offices and soundstage are located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Las Colinas (Irving), Texas. The 5600 square foot soundstage is unrivaled in the North Texas region.

Our Louisiana facilities are centrally located within the thriving Shreveport market. Both our Dallas and Shreveport production facilities are conveniently located just 15 minutes from regional and international airports. At CRM Studios, we've been creating award-winning videos since 1994. We excel at video production services, both big and small, depending on our clients' needs.

We've shot all over the U.S. and around the globe. We go where you are-or where your clients are-or maybe where each of your company's plants are! Our team doesn't work in a bubble. To help determine our approach, we strive to learn the brand, culture and identity of our clients.

read more › CRM Studios' history of video production goes back a couple of decades to an era when corporate television was in its infancy. This team was pulled together to lead the market in creating compelling corporate TV on a grand scale and distribute it via satellite to stores across America. The in-house TV department became its own company in 2004 and we've been CRM Studios ever since. What if those TVs carried sales messaging? CRM Studio's initial challenge was to help connect 6,500 retail stores with consumer and staff messaging.

read more › Yes, we manage millions of dollars worth of equipment, but it's our people that determine our success. The creative minds and skilled hands of our senior staff members have shared their expertise with some of the newer members of our team along the way. Together, we have continued to evolve with the changing landscape of corporate and commercial video production. Other than what a CEO does to run a company, I work on the creative implementation of projects. Scripting, casting, shot blocking, shooting, directing and editing all need help from a creative point of view, and I try to bring that to every client's job I work on or that our team works on.

read more › Whether you have a ready-to-shoot script, a completed (but somewhat vanilla) project you'd like to spice up, or an idea you want to bring to life on screen, CRM Studios has the video production services you need. From audio to animation, 2D to 4D, scripting to media placement, CRM Studios is all about doing it right. We have the facilities, equipment, and experienced team members to successfully complete your project on time and on budget. We understand what it takes to make your project shine, whether it's a 15-second radio ad, a 5-minute employee instructional video, or a feature-length documentary film.

read more › Stage 2 of Mercury Studios, formerly the Studios at Las Colinas, is home base for CRM Studios' Dallas location. This historic film studio is big and versatile enough for just about any project, yet compact enough to be overseen by a single-stage manager. If you're looking to control as many elements as possible, you can't go wrong with this Dallas broadcast studio. The studio dimensions are a robust 80-foot by 70-foot (5600 sq ft) and feature 20 feet of clearance to the lighting grid (112,000 cubic ft).

read more › Now that you've got all your footage recorded, it's time to put it together to tell your story. Whether you need to mix in a music bed, a voiceover track or just put everything in the right order, we can polish your project to a high-gloss finish. CRM Studios offers video post-production services of all kinds, including editing, audio booth for ADR and looping, 2D and 3D animation suites. These services are all in-house and staffed by full-time team members. You want your project to reach the right audience and convey your message as effectively as possible.

read more › You can have the best people in the right positions, but if your video production equipment is outdated and unreliable, the success of your production isn't guaranteed. Fortunately, CRM Studios has all the equipment you need to get your project done. It might take some or all of this video production equipment to properly capture your shot, but don't worry. We can easily transport it in our production van. Whatever you need, we've got you covered. Our sound stage features four Panasonic 3800 cameras, including a Jimmy Jib Triangle camera crane option.

read more › CRM Studios doesn't just want to complete your project, we want to make sure it gets seen! Now it's time to determine whether you will need media placement services for proper exposure. CRM Studios has been helping clients find answers to these questions as long as we've been in business. Our team will consider your goals and budget to help you find the optimum media placement opportunities. Will you need radio time, TV time, internet time, or all three? We have experience buying media placement in each.

read more › The success of any project starts with the people involved. From video producers to film directors, screenwriters and storyboard artists, the list can get long and confusing- especially if you have limited experience with a videographer film crew. CRM Studios can fill all those positions with talented and creative team members. We can also supplement any production crews you've put together. A typical video production requires a lot of crew members, or hands, who each fulfill a specific function.

read more › For the last 25 years, CRM Studios has been one of the largest video production companies of its kind. We've certainly learned a thing or two during this time by shooting at just about every level of video production possible. We've shot in every imaginable industry, from airplanes and jets, to laboratories - even laboratories on jets! And there are certain types of projects we have more experience producing than just about any other video production company out there. We've acquired the knowledge and skill to get great results shooting in the field or on a custom-built set.

read more › CRM Studios started out shooting and editing tons of local, regional and national TV commercials - even internet-only commercials. We've learned a lot about commercial video production along the way. One big lesson we've learned: for any idea, there's almost always a solution. That's what separates us from a typical commercial video production company. Our TV commercial production experience means we can help any budget put more production value on the screen. Experience working with various industries is important.

read more › CRM Studios' Texas headquarters is located smack-dab in the center of one of the largest concentrations of corporate headquarters anywhere in America-beautiful Las Colinas, Texas! In fact, 54 of the Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here. We're quite at home in the midst of all of these corporate giants, since CRM Studios originated as the corporate video production division of a Fortune 500 company (see more of our story here). Marketing video production and corporate video production have been embedded in our DNA since CRM Studios' inception.

read more › Broadcasting has been part of CRM Studios' DNA for as long as we've been a video production company here in Dallas-Fort Worth. As one of only a handful of broadcast studios in the Metroplex, we've always had the ability to broadcast network - quality video. This dates back from our first days of event video production/event videography and live video broadcast when everything was in standard definition. Even though the formats come and go, quality photography and videography services (such as effective pre-pro, lighting, shooting and editing) haven't changed that much over the years.

read more › Giving back to the community is important for all of us here at CRM Studios. Whether as a company or as local Dallas citizens, CRM Studios' team has always believed in good karma: you get back what you put out. We are all greatly blessed, so we look for ways to work with local or regional nonprofits. At CRM Studios we'd really love to help everyone who calls, but we also have to keep our doors open. Sadly, we can't provide nonprofit video production services for everyone who needs it. Fortunately, we've developed a method to work with local nonprofits in another way-by giving away elements or pieces of a project for free.

read more › Even if your project isn't an emergency, CRM Studios can help you craft the healthcare video you need to propel your business forward. You're in good hands because we do a ton of healthcare video production here. We've filmed hospital commercials for Willis-Knighton HealthCare System in Shreveport, as well as in-room informational videos for their patients. We've also shot interviews with eye care providers for Alcon Labs. We've even produced more sensitive, location-based medical videos, including breastfeeding in Austin and open-heart surgery in Cleveland.

read more › The world of video marketing has seen a recent boom in product demo videos, including another form of product marketing demonstration videos: explainer videos. At CRM Studios, explainer video production is one of our many skills. The term "explainer" means these types of videos succinctly show your audience how your business or service works in a simple, animated format. You may also hear them referred to as "animated explainer videos." The pricing for these projects can vary from $2,000 to $3,000 for a simple explainer video to $10,000-plus for a premium soundstage production featuring your product.

read more › For years, companies have spent plenty of time and money marketing themselves. Newer and younger audiences have grown suspicious of slick sales presentations. They are looking for authentic reviews from verified product users and services. This is why CRM Studios' testimonial video production services help our clients create videos that make an impact! One of the most exciting things we've seen in social media is the rise of testimonials. This practice has especially grown in the corporate and non-profit video world.

read more › While it makes sense for us to talk about ourselves extensively on our website, we'd also like to acknowledge the many great clients we've been blessed with over the years. CRM Studios is like family to us at GameStop. We have worked with them for more than a decade and have always received high-quality work delivered with great professionalism. They are always up to the task to solve challenges, change concepts and are great allies in moving our content production forward into the future. I could not be happier to have such a dedicated team working on GameStop's video content.

read more › Conveniently located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, our offices and soundstage are located in Las Colinas. We're within 15 minutes of both the DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field. From Six Flags over Texas in Arlington to The Star in Frisco, Dallas-Fort Worth has all kinds of attractions to take in. If you're into sports, we have teams from all four major professional sports leagues and MLS. Come watch these teams compete in state-of-the-art stadiums and arenas. Dallas and Fort Worth can each claim a world-class zoo, while the Dallas World Aquarium offers a unique aquatic animal experience.

read more › Like our Dallas location, our Shreveport facilities are positioned conveniently within 15 minutes of two airports, Shreveport Regional Airport and Shreveport Downtown Airport. With an experienced team of producers, shooters, editors, a great facility with soundstage, edit suites and audio recording suite, CRM Studios Shreveport can help you with any size video project. As one of the leading Shreveport video production companies, we have cultivated an impressive list of clients that keep coming back time and time again.

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