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Photography & Videography can completely capture the feelings & emotions felt during every priceless moment. Videography provides something to the viewer that still images just can't capture. Videography can do more than just document the experience; the video camera can be used to tell a story. This is the story of your wedding day, your musical concert, your ballet or play, your special event.

Asheville Videography is your source for all of your wedding videography, or event videography needs. We specialize in capturing your special event in order to produce a visual representation to last a lifetime. We shoot in 4K reoslution for the absolute best in video quality. Whether it is a storybook wedding, family reunion, live concert, focus group, ballet, musical, play, or any other unique event - we can help preserve the experience.

We have recently added the option of footage formatted for the web. This option is often chosen as it saves time in the post production process, which of course translates to savings to the customer.

read more › We are an Asheville, North Carolina based business that has been specializing in videography since 2006. We film mostly in western North Carolina, but have also filmed in upstate South Carolina, and the piedmont of North Carolina as well as parts of Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, and Georgia. We take great pride in our approach to creating a video representative of the event we are capturing. Asheville Videography films weddings, company parties, birthday parties, concerts, focus groups, legal depositions, comedy shows, or any other event that is special to you.

read more › Is there a more important day in your life than the day of your wedding? It all has to come together perfect, every detail exactly as planned. A couple who is about to get married has a lot of things on their to do list. One such item that needs to be addressed is hiring a wedding video company to record the moments of their wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Do you have a wedding planned in NC? Asheville Videography wants to be your weding videographer! We can custom build you a video package for your north carolina, south carolina, or georgia wedding - all within your budget.

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