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Crystal Pyramid Productions Mark Schulze formed his company, Crystal Pyramid Productions, in 1981. He and Patty Mooney met in 1982. Right after that, they began working together as dynamic video producers. Since that time, they have shot, produced and edited hundreds of videos for corporate, broadcast, small business and nonprofit clients including UPS, IBM, Lockheed Martin, the VA, Extra! and Inside Edition.

Both Mark and Patty have been honored with multiple awards over the years for their video production work, including "Top 100 Video Producers" twice. In the 1980s started a company called New & Unique Videos and produced some of the first instructional videos of their kind. This includes "Massage For Relaxation, " "The Great Mountain Biking Video, " and "Steppin' Out: Ultimate Interval Training System, " which all won awards and began the video gold rush of special-interest videos.

In 2011, Video Producers Mark Schulze and Patty Mooney were honored by Rotary Club 33, the nation's largest, with an Inaugural Heilbron Award for their community philanthropy.

read more › As San Diego's longest-standing video production company, we've been involved as Camera Operators, Directors, Producers, Editors, Grips and Gaffers since 1981. We have worked with many different corporate, nonprofit and broadcast clients who have appreciated our work for over three decades such as UPS, IBM, Extra-TV, VA and many others. We know how important lighting, sound and professionalism on the set are to creating a successful television show. You may have seen our work on Extra!, Inside Edition, the History Channel, the Travel Channel, Discovery, and many others.

read more › Crystal Pyramid Productions provides corporate video production crews and services to businesses both large and small from around the world. We have worked with the VA, IBM, Republic Services, Sony, UPS and many others. CPP provides pre-production (scriptwriting, location scouting and consultation), production (video / multimedia shoots in high definition and standard definition) and post-production (editing, DVD duplication, multimedia for the web, etc.) services. New & Unique Videos is our stock footage library providing clips for various productions.

read more › Our resident Producer is Patty Mooney. She has been winning awards for her work for the last 30 years. Patty has been asking the tough questions ever since the age of five when she asked her dad why the sky was blue. She knows how to make on-camera talent feel comfortable in an interview, just as though they are having an easy-going conversation with a friend. And she knows how to elicit the golden sound bite. Additionally, she acts as Sound Technician on video productions. And she is also an award-winning video editor.

read more › Small Business Certification is important to many various agencies. Crystal Pyramid Productions is a Certified Small Business Enterprise. So what this means is that we have obtained the proper certifications to work with the various branches within our government. Consequently, this Small Business Certification is like a professional document that gives us a special status to shoot, produce and edit videos for federal, state and local governmental entities. We are certified via the Port of Long Beach, DGS California Department of General Services, and SAM.

read more › New and Unique Videos - Producer of Educational Videos and San Diego's First and Largest Stock Footage Library. In 1985, we started a company called New and Unique Videos under the umbrella of which we produced several educational and sports videos. We were quite "mavericky" in that we pioneered several titles, such as "Massage For Relaxation, " the first video on how to massage another, as well as yourself; "California Big Hunks, " the first male erotic dance video; "Anti-Terrorism: Weapons & Tactics" the first anti-terrorism video, and "Common-Sense Self Defense For Women, " the first women's self-defense video.

read more › New & Unique Videos is San Diego's first and largest stock footage library since 1985. We offer an extensive stock footage library of contemporary shots from around the world, i.e., people, cities, countrysides, mountain biking, beaches, sunsets, aerial, underwater, Steadicam, and much more. We also provide custom footage. Since 1981, our affiliate company, Crystal Pyramid Productions, has offered full video and film production services, from concept to completion, including animation, editing, narration, music, duplication and packaging.

read more › Our primary goal is to entertain and educate ourselves and others. We want to produce high quality videos for diverse audiences, and have fun while doing it. This is the mission statement of Mark Schulze and Patty Mooney, a husband/wife team who own and operate Crystal Pyramid Productions and New & Unique Videos. Since 1985 they have produced a dozen educational and/or entertainment titles. Their most far-reaching endeavor is "FULL CYCLE WORLD ODYSSEY, " a mountain-bike travel adventure to nine spectacular countries.

read more › Step Aerobics continues to grow as a way of quickly and safely reaching your health and fitness goals. Interval Training combines the benefits of aerobic conditioning and strength training into an incredibly effective workout. STEPPIN' OUT offers excellence in exercising through a synthesis of Interval and Step. Achieve optimum fitness through this intensive, full-body workout. Because you can modify step heights, weights and intensity, this program is great for any level of skill or conditioning.

read more › With all the vehicles on the streets of America sporting those little yellow "Support Our Troops, " ribbons, it is truly ironic that we have more than 200,000 homeless combat vets. But not many Americans realize it. Mark Schulze and Patty Mooney, of Crystal Pyramid Productions, a San Diego video production company, shot footage at the 20th anniversary of Stand Down in 2007 for the Veterans Administration (VA). Stand Down is a three-day event that allows homeless veterans to come in off the streets for a shower, hot meals and a change of clothing.

read more › Legendary World-Record-Holder and Olympian, John Howard, shares the hard-won secrets of his 30 years of success as a racer and coach. This video combines basic and advanced techniques in an easy-to-follow, hands-on format, and challenges you to transcend your cycling limitations. Are you up for the challenge? John Howard, Legendary Cyclist, succeeds in everything he sets out to do. It's not because he is the luckiest man on Earth or the most gifted athlete ever to straddle a bicycle seat. The reason John Howard wins races, sets records, writes books (The Cyclist's Companion, Multi Fitness, Dirt), creates world-class athletes and motivates business professionals to higher income levels is because of his commitment to excellence.

read more › In this award-winning classic, you will hammer Uphill with two-time Olympian, Tinker Juarez, and soar Cross Country with Margaret Day. You'll speed Downhill with Jimmy Deaton, and on Singletrack and Switchbacks with Cindy Whitehead. You'll slalom down a fast and furious course with Glen Adams. The incomparable Ot Pi Isern brings you to dizzying heights on his Trials bike. Ironman and Two-time Olympian, John Howard, shows you stretching and training techniques for optimum riding. NORBA gladly endorses and recommends Ultimate Mountain Biking.

read more › This is the first mountain biking instructional video ever made. In this video classic, champion professional riders and mountain bike pioneers, John Tomac, Ned Overend, Tinker Juarez, Martha Kennedy, Julia Ingersoll and Kevin Norton share their racing and training tips. Learn how to select, ride, race, maintain and become one with your mountain bike. Challenge yourself to the agony of the uphill climb and the ecstasy of downhill free-flight. Feast your senses on spectacular footage of California outback and exciting Racing and Trials clips from the notorious Mammoth Kamikaze Downhill and Rockhopper South Races during the sport's "adolescence."

read more › In this sensual and tasteful video, Cleo Mooney shows you timeless techniques on how to massage yourself as well as another person. You will learn how to use the power of your own healing touch to relieve your aching neck, shoulders and back; pamper your arms, legs, hands and feet; locate "trigger points" for deeper massage; treat cellulite; relieve headaches; and give a facial rub to yourself as well as another. Cleo also reveals the secret of the Glowing Salt Rub which smoothes and softens your skin.

read more › Mark Schulze is a Video Producer and Director of Photography (DP) who is CEO and President of two companies: Crystal Pyramid Productions, an award-winning San Diego video production services company; and New & Unique Videos, a stock footage library of contemporary and archival images from around the world, and distributor of special-interest video titles. After graduating in 1981 from UCSD with a BA in Communication and Sociology, Mark Schulze, formed Crystal Pyramid Productions, a multiple-award-winning San Diego video production services company.

read more › Patty Mooney, COO and CFO of Crystal Pyramid Productions, is an international award-winning producer, videographer, editor, sound technician, voice talent, writer and photographer. Patty Mooney's determination, perseverance and innovation came forth strongly in the mid-1980's when she and co-producer Mark Schulze produced some special-interest home videos that were the first of their kind. Patty's passion for massage (she was a massage technician early in her career) was illuminated in an instructional video she produced called "Massage For Relaxation" which you may learn more about on Wikipedia.

read more › Welcome to the Poet Videos site which has been more than 50 years in the making. Patty Mooney has been writing poetry since she was a child. Her works have appeared in many various publications (both online and print) over the decades. Her first slim volume of poems, entitled "Despite the Pyramids, " was published in 1979. Having now entered a new century that embraces everything digital, Patty thought it was time to mesh her skills as a Poet, Video Editor and Voice Over to create this showcase of her Adventure Poems.

read more › These video demos reflect a wide array of work in various industries, including Corporate, Broadcast, Medical, Technological, Industrial, Medical, Scholastic and Sports. We have worked with budgets from modest to large, but mostly somewhere in the middle. Our DP is company founder, Mark Schulze. He is considered the "Grandfather of Extreme Sports Videos." He invented the first mountain-bike helmet-cam rig to collect POV shots in the world's first instructional mountain biking video, "The Great Mountain Biking Video" in 1987.

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