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House Of Sticks If you would like to be notified of any new work that gets released into the wild, feel free to sign up here. Call it a video or a moving picture, either way, we are the best Video Production Company in Dallas and we have the hardware to back it up. We used to be the new guys in town until we started working with all the brands you've heard of. House of Sticks started as a collection of digital production specialists who wanted to schedule our own days and projects in the pursuit of making the content we all dreamed of.

We take pride in our work and don't write our names on anything we don't love. AND, we strive to provide opportunities to those who are younger and less fortunate than we are. We think we can do things better than the rest - we all share a common desire - so we banded together and started knocking down doors. Our client list is now full of some of the world's most recognizable brands and some that are just emerging.

Now, years later we are creating assets for the automotive, sports, medical, retail, food & beverage, technology, and financial industries.

The sweet spot for us is the intersection of creativity, usability and business necessity. We know businesses need to make money. Agencies are hired to grow the bottom line. We get hired to make the tools businesses need to look good and help the client to hit their goals. You have a business to run. Let us do what we're good at. We're creatives from

Our design philosophy is to expand the possibilities as far as we possibly can and cut out anything that doesn't strengthen the story. The common phrase we use is to have our stories only speak one language. Its the process of refining and rethinking until all that's left is a pure story. A strong brand helps to get things going in the right direction

Talent is hard to come by. We don't need a resume. We care about what you can do and what people say about you. Some of the questions below might seem odd, but they capture the culture of our organization pretty well. SO take a minute, fill out the form and if you don't hear back from us, its not because we don't love you, its because we are running

Be a part of a Video Internship Program that doesn't suck. If you are a student and want to get involved in high-end commercial video production, House of Sticks might just be the perfect place for you. While we know its important to chase your dreams, we also know you want to get some awesome experience on-set and earn credit towards your degree. This

Next, we talk a bit more. We need to understand the fundamentals of your story. Phone, video chat or in person, we need to get to know you and what you're looking for, understand your vision, and get excited about what you're excited about. Certainly, its the best way for us to get others on board. Its a foundational step and also, really fun. At this

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