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Iron Mountain Films Iron Mountain Films is a group of highly creative, relentless, film production experts specializing in television commercials and video for the web. Based in Oakland and Sacramento, with clients in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, we've shot all over the world from Death Valley to the Arctic. If your story is important to you and you need experienced veterans to help tell it, talk to us.

Iron Mountain Films is known for it's award-winning creativity, solid writing and visual chops. We use creative solutions and a personal passion for visual and auditory stimulation rather than huge budgets to bring magic to the screen. Highly skilled and indeed dangerous with post-production tools, the IMF team perfects every aspect of the finished video: audio, graphics and color-correction.

Along with live-action production, Iron Mountain Films also creates compelling motion graphics, bringing text and illustrations to life to lodge your message into the brain of every viewer. Along with television commercials, we've produced web series and feature films.

Putting together your film, TV spot, documentary or video is all about telling your story! We've helped create several feature films, hundreds of television spots and videos and we know the intricacies and challenges very well. We're experts in gathering the elements together to make it all work on the day of the shoot. Capturing the moment, creating

When we create a television commercial every aspect of final product is worked out. Starting with a concept, we develop a script. What's going to serve the message? What's the mood? The call to action? We create a world for each commercial that has to feel consistent and serve the message. From the script we draw up a storyboard with a frame for every

Whether you're launching a new product, engaging or recruiting employees or teaching your customers about your product or service, the corporate or company video is one of the most important tools a business can have. A video can increase message effectiveness by 10-25%. A video can launch from your website, or from Youtube or from a Facebook video

Iron Mountain Films' years of experience means you'll get what you need in the least amount of time. We've shot Assembly races, a gubernatorial campaign, State Senatorial, Propositions, and Measures. We've also edited numerous political spots. We've had productions where we got the script on a Thursday and had the spot on the air by Monday including

Not only have we done promotional videos and commercials for schools such as Challenger and California State University but we've also done training and informational videos for Stanford University, California Department of Education, Career Technical Education and the Department of Justice. Projects include Statewide training for teachers in early

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