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Paint It Black TV Productions is a video production company based in Phoenix, Arizona and combines the strategic direction of an ad agency with the creative focus of a full-service video production team. Not all video production companies are created equally. This isn't "Point-N-Shoot 101". We've racked up several regional Emmy, Telly and other awards but our diverse projects have given us the best reward: robust experience.

Of course, a little hardware looks nice on the mantle, too. There's no substitute in video production for knowing how to deliver content that's going to drive a client's messaging forward. Pretty pictures aren't enough to sell your vision. It needs a compelling story to be successful. The content that's captured by the camera lens depends on who is standing behind that camera.

It's all about forming a comprehensive plan and executing to perfection.

Paint It Black TV is a full-service video production company so we offer a wide array of services. Our extensive experience helps us make the most of your production budget and we walk you through the process from pre-production to finished project, seamlessly, because we value our relationships with our clients.

Our ability to tackle diverse projects is what makes Paint It Black TV the premiere video production company in Phoenix. Our television roots are deep with over 20 years of experience in broadcasting, but we produce a lot more than just TV. Want to brand your company? Create a call-to-action for your product or service? Show how the people in your company

As a storyteller, I'm interested in the edges - where two worlds collide. In life, it's where all the really interesting material is generated. It's unlikely I'll ever realize my lifelong goal of being installed as the head of state in a tropical, third world nation before being peacefully toppled to the tearful dismay of my loving public. Still, with

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