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Video Factory Convert your family videos, 8mm & 16mm films, slides, photos to DVD or transfer them to Flash Drive to watch them instantly on Flat Screen TV. The statistics show that video content isn't just effective - the demand for it is growing at an impressively rapid pace. A video is a tool that converts customers and increases engagement with your brand. The music video is as important as a piece of art as the song itself.

The music video can take a song to a whole new level and bring publicity to your song. Also, not even an audio recording can capture the full essence of your musical vision like a music video can. We are experts at the art of capturing a winning story through compelling interviews. From carefully planned discussions, we are able to capture the essence of your product, service or the make-up of your organization.

The magic is in our capturing process and editing. Video training is an essential component if you're getting new employees, or making your product explainer for customers to use.

read more › With a detailed and research-based approach, our mission is to spark excitement, engage audiences, and drive customer interaction. Steve is experienced in video production and online marketing, helping you thrive in today's media environment. With over 20 years experience working within the industry, including directing and editing short films, music video's, event coverage, weddings, live sports as well as voice over and in-house training videos, Blaise continues his love for the film making process.

read more › In this way, you can instantly start watching them on your TV, share with others, upload on your phone. No problem, since we'll are local and process all kind of videotapes locally, we will inform you if we suspect your tapes have likely unwanted videos. You will be not charged for them. Yes, there is $10.00 charge for splicing or any kind of repair (if it is repairable) per tape. We reserve the right to refuse to repair some specific tape damages like mold or other substances since they are harmful to our equipment.

read more › As an original service provider in Albuquerque, we process all orders in house, utilizing modern equipment. We know what's involved in the scan process. Our rates are a fair reflection of our careful work involved in scans. We're able to offer very competitive rates as a result of the efficient processes that garanties Hi Quality result.

read more › When you need expert for DVD or CD production or duplication, that is cost effective, high quality and on time, Video Factory is the company for the job. Since 2002, we have worked with various film producers, Government departments, small and medium businesses as well as major corporates right across New Mexico. We take care of every aspect of the production process; from helping prepare the master copy through to artwork and packaging. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer's expectations every time and work in a collaborative manner to ensure we are always on the same page.

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