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Video Dude Productions If YOU'RE not using video to promote your business, you'd better believe your competition IS! Whether you're going paddleboarding, mountain biking, doing an obstacle course race or going scuba diving, show the world what you're doing! It's the best way to let your friends and family see what you're doing and make them wish they could do it too! An amazing event, press conference or media launch needs promoting!

Event videos can be used for a variety of purposes, so show off your event AND your business! In order to be competitive in today's world, businesses need to showcase their company or products through video. A website is fine and all, but take a look the graph on the right. Customers coming to your website are only going to remember 10% of what they read while they are there.

If a customer comes to your website and you have video content that explains your company to them, or shows them the correct way to assemble your product, odds are pretty good they're not leaving YOUR website for somewhere else.

read more › Save your dive memories!. You have the fun, we'll document it for you!. If you have a project that requires our services, or there's a question, comment or something we didn't tell you about regarding any of our video services, please use this contact form. We will respond to your submission as quickly as possible!

read more › Let's face it. There is nothing more boring to your customers than a plain website. If you have a business today, there will be a time where you will need business videography. It may be for a Product Demonstration, coverage of a Corporate Event or Product Launch, video for a PowerPoint presentation, or even a short Web Video for your website to introduce your business or product. We can produce the business videography solution you're looking for and get your business noticed. Your competition is using video for their customers, why aren't you?

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