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TM Video Productions has been proudly serving our customers from Huntsville, Alabama to Tennessee with expert digital transfer of home videos, 8mm films, slides, photos, LP records, audio cassettes, video cassettes, Betamax and more. Digital conversion can keep those precious moments alive for years to come. We do most of our work in-house using the very latest in digital transfer equipment that can not only save your memories, but we can also make them look better than they look now.

Add in some production work and now you have music or graphics added to make your digital transfer that much more memorable. TM Video Productions is committed to helping you preserve your family memories to share with the next generation. Because we are a small company, we can provide the personal attention to your project that you deserve. We do all transfers tasks on site.

For our transfer customers, your films, photos, and projects will be handled with the upmost care and will be returned to you in original condition.

read more › We began as a small video production company here in Huntsville, Alabama. We offer our clients over 20 years of professional video production experience, from shooting and editing to script writing and consulting. We take great pride in our work and strive to deliver the best quality and value to meet and exceed your expectations. We produce effective videos for our business customers who are looking to build their image or adding to a promotional campaign. Our team also performs videography for events, corporate functions, and more.

read more › TM Video Productions specializes in converting your old 8mm, super 8, or 16mm films to DVD or other media. We use state of the art industrial film scanners to capture your film in real time through direct imaging. Our transfers do not crop the film frame as some systems do. The result is a full frame, flicker free transfer with sharpness from edge to edge. You always see 100% of the film frame. Your films are also cleaned prior to transfer. Transfers include background music if requested and your film is color corrected, when possible, at no additional cost.

read more › Preserve all your treasured records and audio cassettes by having them converted to CD's or digital files. Churches may also contact us about having their sermon library converted from cassettes to digital files for convenient storage. No job is too big or small. All audio cassettes and LP Records are converted on site.

read more › Tim did an excellent job for our company. He was sensitive to our needs and very in tune with the goals for our project. He worked quickly but was very thorough. The final product was outstanding and helped us accomplish exactly what we were looking for. Tim did a great job of converting a Hi8 tape to DVD. He did this in one business day and his costs are very reasonable. I love the fact that he is local here in HSV; I was hesitant to ship my disc for fear that it may get lost. I would like to thank Mr. Tim McCrory with TM Video Productions for helping make my father's 80th birthday party a success.

read more › In 1932 the Cine Kodak Eight was introduced. Utilizing a special 16mm film which had double the number of perforations on both sides, the film maker would run the film through the camera in one direction, then reload and expose the other side of the film, the way an audio cassette is used today. Scientists at Kodak later developed super 8mm film in April of 1965. It was a breakthrough in easiness of movie-making and improved the quality of the pictures greatly. High Definition Video or HD refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, and most commonly involves display resolutions of 1280720 pixels (720p) or 19201080 pixels (1080i/1080p).

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