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I am an Alaskan wedding photographer and wedding videographer who also specializes in boudoir and family photography. When it comes to making imagery, I strive to be lovingly observant and intimately personal in all I do. My aim is always to create final product that honors who you are above all else. I care about what I do (like A LOT) and I will do all I can to take really good care of you.

I'm thrilled you're here and I invite you to wander through my photography and videography portfolio below. If anything inspires a "hell yes!" deep down in your soul, then we're probably meant to be!

A wedding is so much more than the sunrise to sunset of one single day. You two are here because of everything that led you to this point: no choice without meaning, no turn taken without effect. God is in the details and I am entranced by every ordinary detail in the love stories of extraordinary people. My process in wedding videography is incredibly

When it comes to your wedding, I care about getting to know you arguably more than anything else. I believe I make my best work when you and I share a mutual comfort and trust with one another. By way of a soulful and documentary style, it's my goal to capture not only the events of your wedding day but how it actually felt to be in the midst of it

As women, we so easily entertain a never-ending stream of negativity towards our own bodies. I'm here to call bullshit on the whole thing because these vessels we live in deserve to be celebrated! My boudoir sessions are a safe and empowering space for all bodies. Bring me your beautiful belly and your long lanky arms, your lightning-strike stretch

Love is a beautiful thing and deserves to be celebrated at every opportunity. From the nuanced way you weave your bodies together to your own unique moments of downright wacky, I value documenting your relationship in a way that honors who you are above all else. During my sessions, I provide a lot of direction when I shoot as a catalyst for you to

Years from now, you won't care about color-coordinating outfits or whether all of you were all able to deliver a smile at the same time. You will, however, remember the beauty the of this unique and fleeting moment in the archives of your family history. Ultimately, the beauty of family life lies in the imperfect: the runny noses and the screaming children

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