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V2 Content V2 Content is a video production studio specializing in marketing videos for the technology, health care, manufacturing, finance, retail, and sports industries. We pride ourselves in producing effective video content that can be used in multiple platforms including social media, special events, advertising, television, and websites. We've won Emmy awards, edited for Oprah, and trekked across Alaska for a television series.

You'll see our videos, court side signage and ribbon/fascia boards in college and professional sports arenas across the country. We're not your typical marketing video studio. Our background is sports entertainment and marketing, so we don't think like everyone else. When we're filming, we gather good shots quickly. We don't need a lot of takes, which means we capture more of your stuff.

We edit on Avid and use Adobe software for our graphic animations. We have multiple broadcast-quality cameras and a lot of lenses. Wondering about sound? Well, that's industry-standard too.

Corporate brand videos are where we excel. We'll meet with marketing directors and executive staff, spend time with your employees, and learn your processes. We'll shoot b-roll, interview employees and customers, go out on service calls. We'll find the perfect music and voice-over talent. You'll have full graphic support in line with your branding.

This is our creative process at its finest. We'll sift out the best, and approximately three or four days later, you can expect a concept (or three) and a cost estimate in your inbox. Usually these get kicked around your office for a few days. We hear from you, and then we start to make a plan. After that it's time to book. We often book shoots two

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