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Did you know that Ethos Media was hired to be a production partner for the U.S. Paralympic Swimming Team? We live streamed their first competition since the pandemic which featured athletes from over 20 different nations. Our three-day broadcast consisted of a multi-camera shoot with graphics and live commentary integration. The sample above is one of the evening meets from three consecutive days of broadcasting.

Check out highlights from our recent work. Watch this short but comprehensive overview of the value we provide to our clients through our video, live streaming, photography, and virtual tour production. We are a Dallas video production company but serve clients all over the country, so contact us for competitive rates on high quality productions today!

A competition overview for Metro Idol, a singing content touring the Dallas / Fort Worth area and offering a $5,000 cash prize to the ultimate winner. This video demonstrate common elements used in our online commercials including animation sequences, royalty-free music, and on-screen text and graphics.

read more › Our DFW video production company, Ethos Media, was founded by Devin Connelly and Ridge Miller officially in 2013. Prior to that point, both have been involved in various aspects of video production, graphic design, and video editing before teaming up. Since that time, we've produced hundreds of videos with a diverse range of content including corporate messaging, music videos, commercials, training videos, event coverage, weddings, and more. We current serve both new and repeat clients, as well as many charities including Stonebriar Community Church, Metro Relief, Revolution Church, Minuteman Disaster Response, Revolution Church, Haitian Bible Church, and others.

read more › We used Devin Connelly and Ethos Media for our organization's 1st Annual Hypnosis Professionals Symposium in a hotel in Dallas. Right from the start it was an excellent experience. Since it was our first event, we were very budget conscious. Devin worked with us until we found the right level of service for us and our event. He and his staff came in early for the event and were completely professional and provided us with exactly what we wanted, video recordings of each individual speaker, perfectly edited for us.

read more › Professional video production is a highly customizable product. Just like you can order a car with stock features, but also order another one with enhanced performance and high-tech components, video too can take many shapes and sizes. Sometimes bells and whistles are justified where other times they're just fluff whose ROI you'll never see. Post-Production: Editing of your content and creation of optional graphics and/or animation. Revisions to an initial edit are routine to the process. Our goal is first and foremost to ensure we get your job done correctly, the first time.

read more › A critical part of any well-rounded marketing toolbox is video with the ever-expanding ways for viewers to access video content. Especially if you advertise on social media, studies indicate that over 4 billion videos are played back each day on Facebook alone! As a video production company in Dallas, we are located at 1910 Pacific Ave, #501, Dallas, TX 75201 and meet with our clients virtually, at a public place of their choosing, or at their respective locations. Concerned about pricing? Check out our pricing page for more information on cost-controls we provide and education on the benefits of certain design elements.

read more › Ethos Media is proud to offer live video streaming services to clients across the country. Virtually any kind of event can be broadcasted to major outlets such as Facebook Live, Zoom, Twitter (Periscope), YouTube, and custom platforms that enable webpage branding and paid access to the stream. Many platforms can provide viewing metrics and viewer interaction for Q&A, especially conferencing software like Zoom, WebEx, and others. We can simultaneously record a 1080 HD copy of your broadcast for archival purposes or re-broadcast, as well as provide post-event video editing services to produce additional content from the main recording.

read more › Now that in-person events are returning to most places, it's time to get back to maximizing them by capturing the content with professional video and photography services. Ethos Media covers all types of live events, large and small, including conferences, festivals, performing arts, concerts, weddings, and more with video and photography services. Our team can produce highlight videos and full recaps of your events, each with their own unique applications. Our services also include IMAG (broadcast of a live feed to a projector screen) and live streaming.

read more › Dallas commercial video production with Ethos Media can produce content for online, crowdfunding, and TV broadcast. Content is king in an over-saturated video market, so what approach is effective for your content? The answer depends on any number of factors including your corporate culture, target market, broadcast mediums, and the nuances of the actual product or service itself. Take advantage of our insight as video professionals as well as our network of resources both on and off-camera including professional actors, voice actors, and other talent.

read more › The key to good corporate video production is messaging. Translating your message into a format effective through video requires a knowledgeable producer that can not only craft dialogue in a particular manner but also think about supporting visuals, the right background music, and pulling the right content out of those put on camera. Our team is happy to interface with your existing marketing team or oversee the entire production from planning through final editing. Whether you have or haven't ever had a video produced on your behalf before, let one of our experienced producers work with you on crafting the video's content.

read more › Ethos Media is proud to offer 360/virtual reality capability to our video and photo production services. The two terms "360" and "Virtual Reality" or "VR" are somewhat interchangeable when referring to content that gives the viewer camera control of the video or photo. While there is a technical difference between the two, realized primarily when the viewer is wearing a viewing headset, the benefits of this interactive technology are the same. The format gives viewers a unique viewing experience every time the content is looked at meaning that it can engage people on a whole different level when used with the right content.

read more › A video is the cornerstone of any successful crowdfunding campaign whether it's on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, or other sites. It is likely the first thing donors will watch before reading a campaign page's text. As your largest and most important investment out of the entire campaign budget, we want to make sure your ROI is maximized by bringing our expertise as a crowdfunding video production company to the planning, production, and marketing process. All three stages will play a role in content crafting.

read more › Music videos are, in our professional opinion, for serious artists and bands only. Simply put, they are a great promotional tool but can be an expensive investment depending on the production value that goes into them. Some of THE MOST WATCHED VIDEOS on YouTube are music videos. If you have decided to make a music video, it is vital that you have a plan to publish the content and promote it. You should also give some thought to the creative side and specifically the potential filming locations, types of shots you want, storyline concept (if any), and use of people outside of your band as actors, dancers, or other extras.

read more › As on off-shoot to our event recording, this service usually requires a unique type of audio recording and editing. Our experience as a concert recording company spans from heavy metal rock concerts in Dallas-area clubs all the way to performance halls with full-scale orchestras. Edited videos can include individual songs, highlight videos, and full concert recap videos with benefits to each type of production to consider. Your videos can be utilized to promote your band or group for years to come.

read more › It's important that your special event be captured by experts who have filmed in a wide variety of venues in Dallas / Fort Worth and Denton areas. Our clients frequently tell us that their videos look like movies, because they effectively are. We provide full recaps of all formal events, multiple shooters, drone coverage (additional fee and subject to location), and unique storytelling content featuring yourselves and your guests. We love to meet with our clients before the wedding day either in-person or over conference call to go over the schedule, answer any questions, and ensure any special requests are addressed.

read more › Contact us about a wide range of optional photo services including on-site printing, on-site photo montage production, and professional headshots set up right at your event! There's a lot that goes into professional photography, but same-day turnaround on deliverables can still be achieved with photos that simply look better than smartphone shots. Also check out our blog post for information the best way to achieve a ROI from event photos. Photography Team Size: Let us help you determine the number of photographers needed to capture your event properly.

read more › Our Dallas Fort Worth headshot photography service is designed for groups of 10 or more people making it perfect for small to mid-size companies, events, and other corporate gatherings. We can provide a variety of backdrops including custom-designed digital backdrops created from utilizing the green screen process. We also can provide professional makeup services for quick touch-ups both to the hair and face for men and women. Like our event photography, all photos can be provided in both print and web resolution.

read more › In addition to our virtual events, we bring years of experience handling in-person events and the professional video production capabilities along with it. Whether you need your host on a virtual set or just a nice-looking, well-lit, and well-sounding image in a studio setting, we're prepared to make it happen! We can also provide post-event editing services to modify video content for advertising or to produce a highlight video. Virtual events can also be live streamed to multiple different platforms simultaneously including all of the common online platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and most social media outlets.

read more › I'd like to personally thank you for giving us the opportunity to discuss your video production, photography, or live streaming needs! I will personally respond to any inquiry within 12 hours or less and make it my goal to get you an accurate estimate as fast as possible. Most projects are custom-bid, so it's therefore important to get as much information about your project as your can tell us. If we have a webpage on this site dedicated to the type of video you want produced, it's my strong recommendation you visit that page to see examples of our work and other bits of information you'll want to know.

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