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I've been in the video production industry for more than 20 years. During that time, I have developed countless skills and shortcuts that reduce the time needed to produce your video. What does that mean for you? I can do it far faster and for considerably less money than anyone else around. But my relentless pursuit of perfection means that quality is never sacrificed.

Video Editing - We use only the highest quality editing systems to edit your video, whether your footage or ours. Motion Graphics - One of the most important rules of video is to grab attention within the first thirty seconds. CD/DVD Duplication - No job is too small or too large: we can handle any of your duplication needs. As a long time customer, I've found Action Video to be professional, efficient, and price competitive.

Whether you're doing professional videos or simply transferring old VHS stuff to DVD, Action Video can't be beat. Over the Years of working with Stephen King and the Action Video Team, I have consistently found that, on location or in the studio, Action Video is there for me and my clients.

read more › Action Video was founded in 1988 by Richard Stansell as One Take Video, Inc. At that time, we were nothing more than a video camera rental company. As time progressed, customers began to ask if we could make copies of the videos they shot. Then they started asking if we could edit their videos. Then they started asking if we could shoot their footage for them. It was really a snowball effect that has driven us from that humble camera rental company into the full-scale video production facility that is now a force to be reckoned with.

read more › Action Video is low-cost, high-quality wedding videographer. We offer multiple packages to accomodate most budgets (footage-only with one camera up to multi-camera with rehearsal included). Action Video is a proud partner of W. Morgan Communications, which is a consortium of several organizations and individuals. Together, we have developed a patented process of video-email marketing. This is the demo we present to automotive dealers. This video features the talents of Heather McKinley. We produced this video as part of Judge Tusan's 2012 Superior Court of Fulton County re-election campaign.

read more › This is a surprisingly frequent question that we get asked. After 20 years, I'm still not entirely sure why we get this question over the phone so frequently, but the only thing that makes sense is if Information (411) for some reason has us listed in the video rental category. The answer to this question is simply, No. We're a video production company, not a video rental store. Companies today have begun to embrace technology for various reasons. In particular is the ability to create videos that can be used by employees, prospects, and customers.

read more › Action Video takes pride knowing our customers will receive individualized attention. Contact Action Video and receive a free consultation on your project. Always call first to ensure we haven't stepped out of the office for a few minutes, or have had to close the office for an in-house shoot. We are continuing our partnership with W. Morgan Communications with our patented V3-Mail Video Email Marketing System. A full-scale video production facility, our driving focus is to excel in the video production market by providing every single one of our clients with superior quality services, that are competitively priced, and delivered in the shortest time possible.

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