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We are a Video Production company in the San Francisco Bay Area that focuses on helping businesses like yours build brand awareness, effectively train employees, and reach marketing campaign goals through engaging videos. Our San Francisco based team proudly provides a fun and collaborative experience for enterprise video production. By honing our skills to produce specific types of effective content, Level 2 Productions is devotedly positioned as the next step in your video marketing campaign.

We are excited for the opportunity to work with you. Testimonials help companies gain credibility and brand trust. Your prospects will be more inclined to work with you when they are shown that you invest in your customers by featuring their experience, encouraging them and their associates to continue to do business with your company. Event coverage is as important as your other digital marketing assets.

Event videos and photos not only share candid moments with your clientele, they also offer additional advertising material for future events and daily advertising purposes.

read more › Testimonials are like referrals for your product or service. Instead of just text that could have been written by anyone, testimonial videos serve as credible proof of satisfaction. Our Bay Area video production services can help your organization create engaging video testamonials that showcase the spirit of your product or service. Our video presentation services create a customizable presentation layout that is catered to your brand and features your speaker's live demo or PowerPoint presentation alongside a video of the speaker.

read more › Corporations across the globe are starting to provide more insight into how their companies are run to give their customers an exclusive look at the culture, values, and people that contribute to their overall team efforts. They do this through corporate event video production, and this trend isn't just something for large companies. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from professionally recorded corporate event video footage, and Level 2 Productions is ready to help your enterprise join in on this popular, useful, and growing trend in the San Francisco Bay Area.

read more › At Level 2 Productions, we take pride in creating entertaining and captivating social media ads designed to reach your target market. Our editorial choice in the creative process caters to market demand and current video trends to reach the right audience for you. Our objective is to increase brand awareness with a high-quality video advertising that engages your target audience with the flexibility of creating different delivery dimensions to showcase your video across all social media platforms.

read more › Email and social media marketing have trained consumers to be resistant to unsolicited outreach. One outcome of this is that we see increased value in earning reviews for your company. Reviews are a form of testimonials, and testimonials build credibility. Real people will be promoting your credibility. Earning this high credibility is very important, and Level 2 Productions' Testimonial Video Production service can help your company capture compelling testimonials that ultimately drive sales. The first step in our Testimonial Video Production Services will be identifying customers that are willing to share their experiences of working with your company.

read more › The Bay Area real estate market is more competitive than ever, and prospective buyers expect to find clear and enticing content of properties for sale. Our San Francisco Bay Area real estate videography services can capture your listings in professional, high-resolution formats that bring the property to life. Showcase your listing to your potential home-buyers to expand your pool of inquiries, both local and out-of-state. A popular way to promote your personal brand along with your new listing through social media and MLS.

read more › Have you been searching for a professional video editor for hire in the San Francisco Bay Area to transform your raw footage into a quality video or image to use for marketing or as an asset to your business? Look no further. Level 2 Productions offers video editing services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Simply send us your footage or photos and we will edit them for you. It's that easy. Begin your video editing services by sending us your files with a description of your project, and provide us with edit notes to help us understand your vision for the final product.

read more › Our team of corporate photographers in San Francisco have had work featured on magazine covers, ad campaigns, and top news articles. Whether it's a company party or a new product launch, we can ensure that your photos are of the highest quality. Professional headshot photography improves your brand image which then offers scalable growth through this cost-effective marketing technique. Not only does it ensure trust with your clients, but it also boosts company morale as your employees feel empowered in having their image respected in a professional manner.

read more › Every team member contributes to your company culture. At Level 2 Productions, we stick to our mission to capture personalities that build brand trust and drive company culture. Your employees are an asset to your business and deserve to be showcased as such with a professional headshot. Our corporate & company headshot services in the San Francisco Bay area can do just that! Our team of professional photographers and videographers will work with you to ensure we are creating corporate headshots that portray your company's values and culture.

read more › Not only does professional photography increase click through rates by 42%, they are also the connection that shows the subtlties of your company culture and values. With a few days away from a magazine publication, we had to prepare the seasonal menu and fill it with food photographs that showed the fresh high quality ingredients, attention to detail, ambiance, and luxury experience within each image. Our objective was to deliver menu item images that envoked quality and flavor while keeping the integrity of local Bay Area comfort food and culture.

read more › Live video can increase reach, improve internal communications, and increase ROI on events. Why limit yourself to a local audience of hundreds when you can reach thousands more online with the highest production quality possible? Our Livestream Studio goes to your location and sets up a professional studio to take care of the technicalities so you can focus on your content for your audience.

read more › Our goal is to understand your needs and position ourselves as members of your marketing team. We will have a brief talk about your objectives and how we can help achieve them. We will discuss the visuals and audio of your ideal final draft with a detailed analysis of each video segment. We bring a calm and collected presense to reduce any unnecessary stress. We will be very communicative the day of the shoot to ensure everything runs smoothly and all crew members are prepared. We will send you a rough draft with an interactive experience where you can pinpoint the exact second of the video and comment with revision notes.

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