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Motion Source Video Production We're not into showing off, just showing up; and producing really great content that's really effective, too. That's because we combine artistic vision with marketing savvy to spotlight our clients' brands and help them build their audience. Whether it's a local non-profit or a global corporation, we're putting everything we've got into creating stunning videography that delivers results.

It all begins with an idea, and we're full of 'em! Whether you have a concept in mind, or are in need of a full creative treatment, this is where the light bulbs go off. It takes a lot of work to go from the page to the screen, so we begin to plan, plot, and place: pre-produce if you will. The gears start turning, and we're on our way! We know what we are going to do, and how we are going to do it, but we need the pieces to make it happen.

If your project calls for it, we'll source people, props, and places. Here is where everything comes together to form the story that we set out to tell.

read more › Telling stories, shooting videos, being creative, doing cool stuff; that pretty much covers all our bases. For us, it's not just a career, but a lifestyle; a lifestyle that unites our motley crew of passionate directors, producers, videographers, and editors, all working tirelessly to perfect the craft of turning one-dimensional ideas into cinematic realities.

read more › If variety is the spice of life, then our work is filled with flavor! On a daily basis, we have the great pleasure of working with a diverse group of clients across a wide range of industries and disciplines. And, although we tailor our approach to each specific client, one thing remains constant: each piece of content that we produce is handcrafted to speak to that client's specific needs. We are craftsman in the world of video production, bending and molding the techniques of cinema and storytelling to create work that is both functional and fashionable.

read more › We are proud to say the corporate video is one of our specialties, having filmed hundreds; in fact, we are award-winners in this arena. The reason for our success is that we understand the key features that make for a painless production experience, resulting in an awesome end product. Our videography teams, with their wealth of experience, understand how to minimize disruption on location, while achieving incredible results. On the pre-production and conceptualization front, our project management team fully understands that each and every organization has a specific need to serve, and that all of the creativity we invest must be in the service of this need; whether this is increased sales, vital education, training, or anything inbetween.

read more › The long and short of it is, we love commercial work! Conceptualizing, constructing and capturing a commercial video taps directly into our production team's narrative and aesthetic passion. Whether this commercial be for television, the internet, or in-store purposes, we approach each and every project with an eye towards emotive visuals, and a brain charged with awareness of your marketing goal. It is also worth mentioning that we are connected to a network of highly trained actors; skilled musical producers who can create custom jingles and soundscapes; and hair and makeup artists, prop stylists, and art directors who can construct the world of your video.

read more › For us, few things are as fulfilling as the honor of working with our nonprofit partners. While we love all of the work that we produce; the promotional, educational, and fundraising projects that we undertake for various nonprofit organizations add a great deal of depth to our work. And, after over a decade of working within this genre, we can confidently claim to be one of the premiere non-profit video production companies out there. Yes, we have won awards for our work in this sphere, but this isn't what keeps us pushing to create content that is more and more effective and inspiring.

read more › Product videos come in all shapes and sizes: everything from a miniature LED light to a massive power washing trailer. With this in mind, each project requires a specific vision to display its specific product in the most effective light possible--at this, we shine. As with the rest of our work, our team of video professionals collaborate with you to determine the best approach to make the benefits of your product impossible to deny. This may mean strategizing a slick, polished presentation within our fully-loaded production studio.

read more › The art of event video capture is one that we have perfected through countless assignments over the course of more than a decade. Our videography teams know what it takes to successfully document all of the facets of your event, without disruption. Additionally, we are well-versed on a number of approaches to event coverage, which is something that our samples attest to. Perhaps all you need is straight-forward, professional coverage of your main speakers: simple as pie. Or, maybe what you require is a flashy, fast paced sizzle-reel of all the aspects of your event: we're really good at that too.

read more › A wide range of projects have been realized within these four walls-we're talking brand films to product promos to music videos. We're conveniently located in Brookfield, Illinois, only twenty-five minutes from downtown Chicago, with a nearby Metra station. Major perks: tranquil courtyard, lots of free parking, local eats. Otherwise known as your blank canvas-so dress it up, get creative with lighting, or leverage that infinite white background. Anything you could want to do with a 24' x 24' x 11.6' cyc wall, we can make it happen.

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