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Pix By Painter Are you looking to sell properties faster and at higher values? We can help. Professional real estate photography can increase the chances of your property getting sold by 30%. With more and more homebuyers and renters checking properties online, make sure your listing stands out with stellar photographs and videos that capture the true essence of your space and make it desirable.

Pix by Painter is a professional real estate media company that delivers impeccable visual services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Chicagoland area. We specialize in photography, videography, iGUIDE with floor plans, aerial photos and videos, virtual staging, and more.

Whether it is a condo, a million-dollar residence, a commercial building, or an agricultural property, our team has the expertise and will work with your requirements to provide you with high-quality real estate marketing assets at a reasonable price.Capture the bird's eye view of your property and showcase its unique landscaping and hardscaping features, lot size, and neighborhood in still images.

read more › Pix by Painter is a one-stop media company that specializes in providing unparalleled quality in real estate photography and videography. Our creative team consists of technical experts who use a wide range of high-grade digital equipment. We constantly adapt to market trends and provide new services to residential and commercial clients at reasonable prices. Since 2013 we have proudly served the entire Chicagoland area and hope to become the only real estate media company that you will ever need.

read more › Professional real estate photography is a highly valuable marketing asset. It can be used for all your marketing materials including brochures, flyers, online advertisements, and listings. 86% of the buyers claim that listing photography is the #1 reason why they decide to explore a property. Therefore, properties with professional photography sell much faster and receive a higher asking price per square foot. Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos. Great photos can capture the quality and appeal of the property.

read more › An increasingly popular choice for real estate agents, brokerages, property managers, homeowners, and developers - videos are becoming an indispensable marketing tool. They bring motion and life to the online listing of your property and get your property seen, not just online but in person. Pix by Painter produces videos that tell compelling stories and give potential buyers an opportunity to feel connected with the property. We work on the storyboard, script, site-scouting, interior and exterior motion coverage, amenities, and community coverage and finish off with editing in post-production.

read more › One of the newest trends in high-end real estate marketing, drone photography is used to get unique and compelling aerial still shots and videos of properties. You can now professionally showcase the stunning aspects of your estate homes, farms, residential multi-unit projects, hotels, golf courses, and commercial buildings including a dramatic aerial view of the neighborhood. With real estate Drone Photography you can professionally highlight all the unique features of your property including landscaping, pools, walking paths, and back yards that are so important to many buyers but cannot be accurately captured using simple photography.

read more › A highly specialized 3D listing tool that allows efficient mapping of interior spaces for delivering immersive virtual tours and accurate floor plans. Prospective buyers can explore properties using easy navigation functionality with interactive floor plans and 360-degree panoramic visuals. Properties with iGUIDES sell 39% faster and at 1.3% more than the list price. Detailed property information benefits real estate professionals and buyers. Pix by Painter are qualified iGUIDE providers in the Chicagoland area.

read more › A fast-growing trend in real estate marketing, virtual staging uses software to digitally furnish and style your listing. Get rid of the empty, abandoned, or outdated feeling and add some modern furniture and a sleek interior at a fraction of a cost to traditional staging. Many buyers make their first impressions by looking at the exterior photos of the property. However, outdoor real estate photography can easily get affected by uncontrollable external environmental factors. You can now get the perfect illusion of a beautiful magic hour photo without the hassle of chasing the perfect light, waiting for the perfect weather, or scheduling an evening appointment.

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