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Another life change included the grand adventure of moving to Portland, Oregon. In the mid 80's I was exposed to video production for the first time and became totally obsessed. Cable was new and the cable companies were promising cities the moon to gain the franchise to serve their community. Cable was a creative promised land with endless possibilities.

In Portland, cable access was generously funded with complete studios, edit suites, staff, classes and portable equipment - all of which was available to the public to create programming which was played on any of the 5 public access channels provided in the agreement with the city. I took every class available plus many workshops and classes offered by the NW Film & Video Center.

I shot video of everything and like my experience with the dark room, I spent hours and hours in the edit room. I was obsessed! I was hired by Portland Cable Access where I taught some classes and did manual playback of the video programming. This seems primitive now but it provided great experience.

I am presently programming tctvonline, which, as a local television channel, provides extensive, high quality video programming over the internet. What does tctvonline offer? Jane Scott Video Productions has been committed to producing video in Tillamook County for over 20 years. We encourage you to make sure your important public meetings and presentations

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