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Motion Candy Media is the perfect combination of passion behind the camera with creative talent and a knack for visual appeal to create a final cut that is wrapped up in a sweet video production just for you. The talent provided at our video production company starts from the first take down to the detailed video editing process. Nothing gets overlooked, only the pertinent details to tell your story remain with beautifully crafted graphics and visual appeals.

We value businesses who want to go mainstream and get ahead of their competition by taking advantage of business promotional videos, online marketing, and advertising videos. We work with realtors to create professional and eloquent real estate virtual tours and presentations. We even work with you on your personal passion projects, like a piano recital or your sporting event.

Whether its a promotional video for your business or an event that you want to be able to relive for years to come, we are passionate about your video project.

read more › When there is passion driving the talent, you get a pretty sweet product. Video production started as a hobby which turned into a profession. I am genuinely passionate about videography. I love the art of storytelling. I feel like video is the most creative and expressive way to tell a story, share a memory or promote your business. Motion Candy Media is a video production company that was officially established in 2017, though videography as a hobby has lent itself with over 12 years of experience.

read more › We make it a priority to provide the best-in-class services to our clients. Video can be used in many different arenas: to remember a special event - personal or business-related, to promote a business's featured service or product, to invite the public to a community event, to raise awareness about an issue, to tell a story, to rave about an experience, to educate, and the list goes on. Motion Candy Media has a passion for creating amazing video projects according to each client's specific needs and vision.

read more › Video production is the gem of what we do and each gem that is created is unique and beautiful in its own way based on the desires of each client. Motion Candy Media is a video production company that was created from a hobby turned into a profession based on a passion for the art. With such commitment and drive behind each project, clients receive a picture-perfect product that exceeds expectations. Video production services are used to excel in marketing efforts for businesses and to eclipse online marketing initiatives.

read more › Video is the most magical and expressive way to capture events that you want to remember and to share with friends and family. These are the moments you want to relive over and over again. Motion Candy Media provides talented professional video services that will help you retell your story time and again. Hiring a company that specializes in professional video services for your event takes the pressure off of you to capture everything. If it is your firstborn son walking across the stage at his high school graduation, your youngest daughter's Quinceanera, your great-grandmother's 100th birthday, or your best friend has orchestrated the best ever proposal to his girlfriend, you want to enjoy that moment when you are there and for years to come.

read more › The art of capturing a couple's most treasured and anticipated day takes time, skill, precision, and creativity. Still photography is great to decorate the hallways and photo albums with, but nothing helps you to relive that special day better than wedding cinematography. A couple's wedding day is often remembered as one of the happiest days of their life. It is a day that a couple enjoys experiencing again and again especially to celebrate their anniversaries. It's a precious time in a family's history to share with children and grandchildren.

read more › Arizona homes have magnificent qualities due to the area's unique landscape and skyscape. Our services of video production in Arizona take full advantage of showcasing the property you are listing along with the beautiful aspects of the land to help capture the full essence of living in that home. Those who are in the market to buy a home trust a listing more when there are ample pictures available. Our corporate video company goes well beyond the typical photos by creating a genuine walk-through experience that will draw in more prospects to the property.

read more › Embarking on the promotional video production journey for your business has proven to be an extremely effective way to build lasting and trustful relationships, rapport and credibility with your prospective and existing clientele. Using video for business is a strategic way to help you capture the attention of and speak directly to your prime audience. Business videos capitalize on emotion using relatable stories, real-life examples, or an insider's look of the company. These are just a few methods out of many that will create effective engagement with clients while leaving a positive impression with brand recognition.

read more › Video has become the preferred method to receive information at a glance, to learn something new, and of course, for entertainment. YouTube has become a household name showcasing how-to videos, the latest must-haves, a "day in the life of" video, testimonials and "my experience" videos, and way more. Youtube has easily become the largest video platform and is now the 2nd most used search engine behind Google. There is no doubt that video needs to be an important part of marketing for your business.

read more › Go where your customers are, where else but social media. Social media platforms continue to grow in popularity across the population. Use your marketing strategy as effectively as possible and increase the likelihood of your brand, product, or services of being seen. Motion Candy Media provides video production services for small businesses so that you can take advantage of the social media platform. Web video is a successful marketing strategy to get results in a much more cost-effective way compared to the traditional advertising methods of print, radio, and television.

read more › A videographer for our wedding was one of our top priorities and Motion Candy Media exceeded our expectations! We play our wedding video all the time as well as being able to share the video with people who couldn't attended. Jeremiah was professional, great to work with and super creative with his shots. Thank you Motion Candy Media for your amazing work!

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