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Chimaeric Chimaeric is a film and video production company and creative collective comprised of some of the top filmmakers in the Midwest, proudly based in Columbia, MO. We believe great stories are developed from a deep understanding of narrative structure and how the human mind responds to a well-crafted pairing of sight and sound. Motion pictures are the single most powerful medium for creating connections between people.

We embrace creative collaboration and work fluidly with our clients, staff, and army of co-creators to craft dynamic cinematic projects. This approach allows us to create memorable stories by fusing the goals of the client with our experience as filmmakers.

read more › Film and video projects can be a daunting endeavor, especially if this is your first time. Our process is built on collaboration and consistent contact with our clients. We work tirelessly to communicate early and often to limit the number of surprises that pop-up during production. Shoot us an email to set up a call. We'll chat about your project, discuss creative styles, answer each other's questions, and see if we're a good fit for you. When you green light the project, we'll take everything we learned from our call and develop different creative angles to tell your story.

read more › Welcome to Chimaeric Motion Pictures, a not-so-average video production company proudly based in Columbia, MO. We're a creative collective of classically trained filmmakers working together to craft compelling video content for our clients. We understand the balance needed to combine sight and sound into a finished video production that connects with your intended audience. Our company originated as the internal video production team of an ad agency. Our history of working side-by-side with creatives in other marketing mediums gives us the unique insight and experience of integrating video productions into multi-dimensional ad campaigns.

read more › Since the 1890s when Thomas Edison and the Lumire Brothers first mesmerized audiences with grainy, silent, black and white motion pictures, people have been captivated by the emotional power of movies. While technology, technique, and screen size have experienced massive change over the last 100+ years, the human fascination with moving pictures has remained constant. Chimaeric Motion Pictures was founded on the principle that Hollywood-quality movies don't have to come from Hollywood. Chimaeric was founded in Columbia and remains in Columbia to help support and grow the local independent film community.

read more › It's a fact that nonprofits typically lack the discretionary funds to create high-quality, emotionally captivating motion picture content to use in their marketing efforts. Paradoxically, when these organizations do create quality content, fundraising and other marketing efforts are maximized because the donors, volunteers, and community can see - and more importantly feel - the tangible results of their support. Because of the lack of funding within organizations for special video projects, there is a need that we at Chimaeric feel compelled to fill to the best of our ability.

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