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Frontage Road Studios 10 Toes Over and Pacific Sun Productions have merged to become the most dynamic video production company in Santa Barbara - Frontage Road Studios. Audiences today demand concise video messaging. We work with you to define your objectives, and produce results that motivate. Anyone can claim it, we prove it. Branding, product launches, case studies, tradeshow, fundraising, training, and recruiting videos are all within our wheelhouse.

Whether you are paying for thirty seconds of television fame or posting to social media, we realize that every second on every screen counts. We achieve more production value per dollar than any competitor and have mastered the tools and techniques needed to deliver stories that sell. For every person who attends a live event there are several who wish they could have.

We have decades of experience producing live event coverage. Web Streaming, broadcasting, or live recording - our single camera to multi-camera solutions team will work with you to insure your event coverage is a success.

read more › All that it takes to change the future is a single moment of inspiration. A moment of self reflection when the decision is made to stop observing problems and to start participating in the solutions. This moment, multiplied by tens of thousands, has sparked every activist movement in history, and is now catching fire again among a young and diverse population in America. Ignore Us No More is a feature length documentary film that highlights the work of three young leaders at the forefront of new American activist movements.

read more › Branded short film opportunities featuring parents who remain rabidly committed to sharing adventurous outdoor pursuits with their children, despite the overwhelming challenges of doing so. We are looking for marketing partners who share our understanding that inspirational stories about everyday people making positive choices can build new levels of brand awareness and customer loyalty. Every new parent is confronted with life changing decisions about how to best balance the new demands of family with their own internal strategies for staying personally fit, healthy, and happy.

read more › Frontage Road Studios was hired by Santa Barbara Advertising Agency Idea Engineering to create three television :30 spots for American Riviera Bank. Working closely with both the agency and the client the campaign was a success and was seen across television and cable outlets as well as running in Metropolitan Theaters. Frontage Road Studios produced this spec spot to help Sea and Summit develop their brand identity, and increase their social media presence. Versions of this commercial appeared in email blasts, blog posts, on the client's web page, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

read more › To produce this product marketing video, Frontage Road Studios traveled with a limited crew to Denver, Colorado for a two day shoot at one of the nation's largest water parks. We also hired local crew and talent. The video is used by PDC to introduce their RFID wristband and kiosk technologies to new and potential clients. This highlight video featuring conference events, breakout sessions, evening parties, and activities was shown to conference attendees on the final evening of a 3 day conference in San Diego, California.

read more › This is the 315th product video that we've produced over the last four seasons for outdoor clothing company and environmental business trailblazer Patagonia. Patagonia climbing ambassador hosts this fun look at the Special Edition Nano Puff Pullover. After completing over 300 Patagonia product shoots in studio, Frontage Road Studios took the show on the road with a series of on model product demonstration videos shot on location in Santa Barbara County. The wetsuit videos were the first in this series of videos.

read more › This half hour television documentary features 12 Alaskan students and an inspirational teacher from deep in the Alaskan Bush who leave their native homeland for the first time. Their academic field trip to Southern California is an eye opening adventure, and a dream come true for the students, who worked for three years to raise the money needed to make the trip. Alaska Dreams was awarded two Emmy's, one for editing and another for a TV special focusing on education. The documentary project helped raise the funds to take the initial trip as well as a subsequent field trip to Washington D.C. in the following year.

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