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We are a marketing support team that has been crafting client solutions since 1999. Based in Mobile, Alabama, we specialize in websites, video, photography, design and all projects in between. While our core specialties are website design, photography, video production, design, FusionPoint Media's real focus is customer service. As a result, we get to know you and your needs, doing whatever it takes to take a project idea and carry it to completion.

Simply said-we do whatever it takes, adding in a personal connection, to make your efforts successful. We often laugh with each other that we'll do anything you need us to do. It's almost become a motto of ours. While we tout our photography, videography, web technologies and design services, the truth is, you know you can rely on us for practically

Custom designed, easy to navigate and mobile friendly to look great on all screen sizes, FPM-created sites are built with your vision in mind. In our fully-equipped studios or on site at your event, we offer professional photography services for people, products and places. On social media, website or TV, a professional FusionPoint Media video can grab

FusionPoint Media's photography professionals are behind the lens to capture your high-quality images. Working with the latest in digital equipment, we have a broad range of expertise in consumer and commercial photography, at our in-house studio and on the scene. Our services don't stop after the picture is snapped. We can prep your images for the

We produce high-definition videos for broadcast, web, and video marketing. From concept development, to production, and post-production our approach is both creative and focused on your goals. We have everything you need including script writers, videographers and editors. From shooting on location or at our studio, our staff coordinates everything

If you're looking for a professional, controlled space for your video or photo production, FusionPoint Media offers two studios for rent to capture your vision. As a full-service studio rental facility, our spaces are well equipped and affordable. 1,700 sq. Overtime - Unless approved before hand, any hours over allotted rental time are charged at the

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