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Rex Video Productions If you're happy with your marketing firm, that's great. In fact, we may already be producing video for them. However, if you know the message you want to convey to your customers, we can create it in video - and save you the marketing mark-up! And if you're not quite sure about your message, we can help you figure it out and tell your story. Starting with a template is a cost-effective way for you to have video on your site and in your ads.

We'll use your photos, text, and video, and add voiceover and music to create a video tailored to your needs. As our client, you approve each phase of production to ensure that we successfully meet your goals and budget. HD VIDEO PRODUCTION: We produce corporate video, industrial video, and video for consumer market clients. We help our clients use video as a tool to brand their business and to educate and motivate their employees and customers on new concepts, products, and services.

HDR PHOTOGRAPHY: We create crystal clear images - product, architectural, industrial, and corporate - using HDR photography and photo editing software.

read more › We are passionate about creating the highest quality video for your company. Our professional video services include Business and Industrial Product and Marketing Video, including Explainer Video, as well as Broadcast Advertising, Video Editing, and Keyword-Rich Web Video. View video templates here. REX Video Productions uses Sonar, industry standard software for production, the same software used daily by thousands of musicians, composers, engineers, and producers involved in CD recording and mastering; scoring and posting for film, television, and the internet.

read more › We know you'll love the end result. Why? Because we utilize the innovative Micro Four Thirds System standard-the Panasonic LUMIX G cameras, which have an over-sized 20-megapixel sensor to create stunning images and video with a cinema-like 150Mbps bit rate that delivers impressive performance. More important than truckloads of equipment, we have the right equipment. We combine it with our attention to detail and our creativity to pull it all together for you at an affordable price. No matter what the media task, we are your go-to business video producers, bar none!

read more › We prepare and export the final mix of your audio or music files for distribution to CD, as well as a number of popular internet audio file formats, including WAV, Windows Media Format, and MP3. We apply equalization, dynamic processing, and de-essing to achieve high-quality results. Publish a professional, crystal-clear podcast from your writing, speech, or presentation! Record in a relaxed but professional home office environment, or let us bring our mobile studio to you. Recordings are made in 24-bit, 48 kHz using all balanced connections in order to achieve optimal results.

read more › Taking a great photograph is not really "point & shoot." It's framing the shot, lighting the area and the subject, and having the best equipment. We have all that. Our camera of choice is Lumix GH Series, in our opinion, the best camera because of its versatility. Of course, none of this creates a great photograph without a skilled photographer in control. At REX Video Productions, we have that, too. And taking the photo is only half the process. When we get back to the studio, each image goes through a meticulous photo editing process to ensure the highest quality output and to make sure it tells the story you want.

read more › At REX Video Productions, we're here to answer any questions you have and help you determine the scope and budget for your project. Call 978.378.0070 with the details of your project and any questions you may have. We would love to help! Rex Video Productions provides solutions and support for business in video production, audio production, graphics, and motion graphics. Fill out the form and receive a quote for your video and/or audio production within 24 hours!

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