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Haiku Productions Haiku Productions is an established full service video production company specializing in destination videos and commercials. We partner with some of the best hotels and resorts with our in-room TV Channel, the Visitor's Video show, across the country. We can meet every possible need from casting, filming, aerials and editing, to special effects and voice over.

For over 25 years Haiku Productions has been producing hospitality-focused marketing videos at world-class resorts. Our award winning video production professionals continually raise the bar with top notch strategic planning, collaboration and teamwork for timeless video content. When video matters, Haiku Productions will give you the best ROI and quality

Michelle and her team are true professionals. They are creative and think outside the box when it comes to video creation. Marketers know video content is critical in order to connect with customers. The Haiku Production team know this and it is their mission to be true partners in this quest. Haiku Productions was professional and a pleasure to work

The Visitor's Video show is featured on exclusive TV channels at many of the top hotels and resorts across the country. The channel is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in every guest room, reaching guests with disposable time and money who are looking for the best nearby shopping, dining and entertainment. Haiku Productions has been airing the

Our video content is created by experienced Producers, Directors and Editors who have thousands of commercials and numerous marketing, branding and advertising awards! We believe storytelling should work in many markets. Storytelling, Social Media Campaigns and Repurposing Video Packages maximize digital assets at a savings. We have developed a custom

Creating dazzling visuals requires a team with years of lighting expertise and dramatic ideas. Broadcast quality food commercials are typically done in a studio where each shot is designed to maximize value of the imagery and deliver results. C Crafting state of the art video content frame by frame to find that sweet spot assures that the attention

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