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Dewey Media Whether it's a corporate video project, a fund raising video or a non-profit commercial, we work with our clients to create distinctive productions which help you separate and distinguish yourself from your competitors. We invest our mindshare with your team to make that happen. If this production is part of a campaign, how will the messaging evolve throughout the campaign?

Will there be a final message and if so, how will it complete the campaign and build your messaging to a crescendo?

read more › At deweymedia we build our teams selectively and we believe that video production should not cost an arm and a leg. We combine experience producers with talented young videographers, animators, editors and musicians to build a team customized to suit the needs of your video production project. At deweymedia your strategic and messaging priorities inform our productions and allow us to bring home the essential material needed to deliver your video project on time and on budget, ultimately exceeding your expectations.

read more › Co-executive producer of 13-part public television series, "What We Eat"; a cultural, social & economic history of food and drink. Currently on 275 stations in USA, plus networks in Western Europe, Russia; China. Producer/Director/Writer "Have You Seen This?" Feature film profile of world's foremost creator of optical illusions. Co-producer, co-writer, "Playing Dice with the Universe" - feature film script on early life of Albert Einstein, genius, lover, anti-Nazi hero. Executive Producer of four CNN Programs: Pinnacle, Business Unusual, Your Money and Movers - CNN weekend documentary programming.

read more › Here's a picture of Groucho, our office Puppet, hugging a few of his favorite AWARDS (the awards are for real, ladies and gentlemen). Our award winning deweymedia production team has won dozens. Groucho is extremely proud of our team as well as our productions. Just try to get one of those awards out of his clutches! He's particularly proud of the five national Emmy awards, as well as the nine Telly awards, the LACP awards, and many more achievements we won't list for fear that our competitors might get jealous.

read more › Here are some shots from the 125th anniversary fund raising video we shot for Horace Mann School. This was from a Hallmark shoot early in my career. In those days I was producing TV commercials for Ogilvy advertising. In these two shots you can see our cameras that were shooting 5000 employees from Hallmark at the Kansas City headquarters of Hallmark all singing a song written for the 75th anniversary of the company. The employees all sang to a click track that played the music and then we dubbed in their voices in the audio mix.

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