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Shining Starlet Entertainment The first step is to meet with you to get your video ideas and budget for the project. Utilizing our core values, we treat our clients with care and consideration throughout the video production process. Also, we are always looking for talented creative video/film production professionals to partner with on projects.

As an independent production company, Shining Starlet Entertainment (SSE) has a mission to develop film, television and video projects that tell socially conscious, diverse stories of our culture for a better society.We pride ourselves on creatively producing projects that fully evokes the passion of the initial vision. We were established in 2013 by founder Alikia Reaves and based in Maryland.

I've been a freelance producer for over 7 years. I have a passion for producing as well as writing and directing. I established Shining Starlet Entertainment, LLC as a production company known for it's diversity in filmmaking and for helping businesses, brands and creatives visually tell their stories effectively.

read more › What kind of video should you create? What will be most effective for your business or brand goals? Different types of videos are more effective for different types of goals. There are so many ways to get your message across with video and your imagination is your limit. These days video is used powerfully on social media and is a very effective way to showcase your brand.

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