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Matt Levorson Productions We deliver high quality video productions for both commercial and personal use. We specialize in creating corporate promotional videos, TV commercials, weddings, live events and much more. Websites are just as important as business cards in today's fast paced world of technology. Let us create a creative, captive & engaging design centered around the latest technology.

Already have a website? Matt Levorson Productions is an FAA licensed and registered UAS Pilot located in Albert Lea Minnesota. Matt is a great guy to work with, he has great website design skills and makes sure everything works perfectly. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Living in NY, designers are a dime a dozen, but I chose to work with Matt because of his proficient knowledge in web production.

It wasn't necessary to meet in person to design and produce my company's website- he was a pleasure to work with long distance. I couldn't be happier with how my website turned out and I highly recommend working with Matt, whether near of far!

read more › Matt Levorson Productions is an FAA licensed and registered UAS Pilot located in Albert Lea Minnesota. We specialize in aerial photography and videography for Commercial & Residential Real Estate & Golf Course Flyovers. We are located in Albert Lea, Minnesota and service the South Central area of Minnesota including Fairmont, Mankato, Wells, Owatonna, Rochester & Austin. For real estate agents, drone photography & video can show potential buyers a variety of details that are not able to be captured from the ground.

read more › In our world consumed with smart phones, Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube, we realize that anyone can shoot a video and post it. It takes something special to tell a story. We know how to reach beyond the facts and tell your story in a powerful, compelling way. We understand that if you can reach people through your story, you can get them to believe in what you're doing. The quality of your production is just as important as the message itself. MLP uses the latest in High Definition and 4K camera technology to capture motion pictures that are simply stunning.

read more › Website design & video production are Matt Levorson Productions two main services. Combining these two services creates a seamless integration between the two. This allows us to create a competitive marketing strategy for a variety of business needs. When producing specific web delivered media, certain considerations need to be taken into account. For instance, the graphics need to be clear and in big bold print due to the viewing area being smaller than a regular TV. At MLP we understand these considerations and take them into account with each production we do.

read more › We are very experienced in producing live events. Live events can be a school play, church event, concert, meeting, or anything that requires multi camera angles. When we record a multi camera event, we edit it "on the fly" using our new Sling Studio along with full HD cameras. This allows us to get it onto DVD within days, rather than weeks, or months. The Sling Studio has quickly become a leader in the industry for producing live events in a mobile environment.

read more › Matt Levorson Productions produces high quality promotional videos for trade shows, websites, training videos, TV, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Promotional videos can be produced to convey a variety of messages. Videos can be simple like a short informational clip regarding a product or service, or complicated like outlining the benefit package for an investment firm. Matt Levorson Productions has produced a vast variety of business promotional videos over the years for a number of local and national businesses.

read more › The DVD Duplication Process "burns" or "duplicates" your DVD/CD duplication content directly onto pre-existing blank DVDR media. Customers will typically utilize the short run DVD Duplication Process for lower volume (under 500 discs) or when requiring a quick turnaround. Every DVD/CD Duplication Disc Project is an important and unique project, we highly recommend that you contact us to assist you. MLP utilizes only Grade A High Quality Blank DVD-R Media in our DVD Duplication Production. Along with our award winning state of the art High Quality On-Disc Printing and Professional Grade Duplicator with the latest updated software and firmware, our DVD Duplication Service is second to none.

read more › Our experience enables us to deliver Blu-Ray authoring and duplication solutions that meet your quality requirements and stay within your budget. Since the beginning of the Blu-ray format, the largest hurdle for content owners has been the high cost of authoring. With MLP, we've invested in the best software and developed streamlined processes to make each project high quality and affordable. No need for expensive software or dealing with multiple vendors. At MLP we make it easy and affordable to get professional DVD encoding, menu design, and authoring for your project.

read more › Website design has come a long way since the Internet's entry into the business community. Many companies have a website, but it may be dated or not up to par with their current image and information. If your company is currently in this situation, it's time to think about web site redesign services. MLP is experienced in providing company web site redesign services. We create attractive, user friendly websites that support business processes while enhancing the brand strategy of a company. If you have developed a solid off line company image, but aren't sure if you're prepared to invest in your online image, consider this: The Internet has become the first place consumers go to gather information on a company, its products, or services.

read more › Keeping your website updated can be a hassle if you're busy doing other things, like running your business, or you don't want to maintain it yourself. But when your company's information changes, it's important to update your website so that it is not unattended and out of date. Updating your website in a timely fashion will let your website visitors know what's happening today - and can contribute to your bottom line. Because not every website needs constant updates (and those updates can be sporadic and of varying size), we charge a simple hourly rate.

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