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Alantechmedia Alan Tech Media provides consulting services ranging from IT and Technology to Media and AV solutions. We Review, Assess, Advise and Recommend solutions, along with the design and and engineering of Technology and Media solutions and systems. Alan Tech Media provides a wide range of consulting services including: The assessment and evaluation of existing environments, systems and architectures.

Solutions discovery, through vendor and product research aligned with requirements. Gap analysis through interviews, investigation and research. Solutions design and architecture. Specifications, requirements definition along with SOW development. Project management - planning and implementation phases. Purchasing assistance, negotiation and support services for Solutions.

Media solutions include all forms of audio-visual systems, video productions - from simple VOD to Broadcast production, audio systems, display solutions (media walls), live-event solutions, including presentation, control systems and and operation centers.

read more › Alan formed AlanTechMedia out of a need he saw in firms that still struggle with technology (IT) and media solutions. Aligning technology solutions with business workflow and requirements is key in building effective solutions. Alan's background at the senior level to IT management allowed specific insight to where technology and business processes often missed the mark. As the director of IT, I was in an unique position to understand business functions and how technology solutions were key to solving business workflow and process.

read more › AlanTechMedia acts as a trusted partner to provide answers to a wide range of technical related areas that are key to running your business. We have an established process that takes firms through the appropriate steps in order to reach a set of recommendations and solutions that are proven to be successful.

read more › AlanTechMedia, as a consultant service, will assess existing systems you have; review any new requirements and goals for using media and video; research and evaluate solutions (vendor and products ) agnostically; make recommendations for solutions and systems; design, build and implement new media and video solutions; operate, document and train staff on their use; provide support and assistance in the continual use of media and video. AlanTechMedia will assess what's working or what's not in your environment.

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