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At FiveSix Productions, we produce dynamic content with a focus on storytelling and creative visuals. The initial approach to any project determines the level of success. Our process has been honed over the last decade to take an initial idea and turn the vision into on-screen reality. The ingredients are simple. We listen, connect and collaborate.

It's why our clients keep coming back time and again and why we've become a leading content creator in Las Vegas and Southern California. You can place two different teams in the same situation and get radically different outcomes. For video production, this is certainly the case and it starts with being technically proficient and culminates with creativity.

On the technical side, you won't find a more competent and knowledgable team than FiveSix Productions. But that isn't what sets us apart from the crowd. What sets us apart is that each member of our team is allowed and encouraged to be creative in everything they do. This creative atmosphere is part of our brand and has a lasting influence on each and every project.

There is nothing more important than having a team that works as a single unit and towards a common goal. Tools and technology play an important part in any business but the people are at the heart of any truly great product or service. Our success over the past fifteen years has been our ability to bring in unique and transitional talent focused on

Our video services run the full spectrum. We can take on as much or as little of a production as you require. Do you have the creative in place, a post facility in-house and just need content? That's perfect, we'll provide top-rated crew and gear to capture exactly what you need. Maybe you just have an idea that needs to come to life. That works too

Virtual events have become popular in Southern California and even as we get back to traveling, a new hybrid system, including an in-person show with concurrent virtual stream, will be the norm. This means you need to be able to deliver on both fronts when it comes to video. That's something FiveSix can handle and we'd be happy to have a conversation

Resort properties are large enough entities to have something new happening on-site every day. All these updates and events can be told through the stories of the people that create them. At FiveSix, we're experts at telling these stories through video and bringing to life these experiences. Nothing puts you above the competition better than the perfect

Television and social commercials remain the standard for marketing your products and services to the masses. Consumers of ads expect creativity, high production value and a strong message if they're going to engage with the ad. FiveSix has been producing commercials for both television and social campaigns for a decade and has the experience to push

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