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Thru My Eyes is a non-profit organization that creates "living" legacy videos for the children of people with life-threatening illnesses. Professional videographers and trained counselors are available at no cost to help guide clients through the challenging task of presenting a gift of lasting messages to their children and other family members.

The organization was founded to empower those with life-threatening illnesses with the peace and knowledge in knowing that they will be remembered by those whom they loved the most.They are given the tools to say all that needs to be said, and therefore, may be remembered for generations to come. Thru My Eyes provides the gift of a lasting memory to share in perpetuity.

Have you been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease? Are you the parent of young children and fear that you may miss their milestones and major life events? We can help you create vibrant memories by enabling you to share everything you wish with your children on video. Working with us does not mean that you are giving up your fight against your disease, you are simply taking out an insurance policy.

How does a parent cope with a potential life-threatening diagnosis? It is, in itself, overwhelming, emotional, and often traumatic. Our organization will allow you to create a living legacy in the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you. There will be a trained professional assigned to you to help guide you through the entire

D., MPH, LCSW-R, CGP: Michelle brings her clinical expertise to Thru My Eyes. She is the President/Clinical Director of Westchester Group Works, a Center for Group Therapy in Harrison, NY where she also maintains a private practice and provides treatment to individuals, couples, families and groups. She created and coordinates the CBT Program at Camp

Robert has been involved in media production since the 1980's. For more than three decades he has been an award-winning event videojournalist. Robert was inducted into the WEVA Hall of Fame in 2002, received the prestigious Bob LeBar Vision Award, a multi-year International Creative Excellence Award winner and for two years in a row was named to the

All of our applications will be reviewed by our medical advisory board to determine eligibility, and when necessary, to list patients in order of medical priority. Dr. Empfield supervises the clinical aspects of our interviewing process and is now helping to recruit new mental health volunteers. In addition, she does conduct some of the interviewing

We are extremely proud of the work that we do helping parents living with advanced illness create a video legacy for their children and loved ones. We are equally as proud of the generous support and sponsorship that we have received that keeps our organization going and growing every day. While a large part of our donations comes from individual donors

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